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Seen Coldplay Three Times...


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Over the last 3 years I have seen Coldplay 3 times, and am able to make it up to 6 times in four years. However, in the time between I have seen a lot of other bands.


The first time I saw Coldplay they were upstaged by their opening slot of Jay-Z at the Pemberton Festival, the gig was plagued with sound issues and inane festival organization.


I then saw them two times in a row a year or so later. First night I was closeish to the stage and loved the show. The next night I was lucky enough to get right upfront. First off I have to say, they were once again upstaged by their opener, this time Snow Patrol. Awesome crowd interaction and participation. They knew how to rock.


Coldplay then came out and they gave the crowd nothing. Sure Chris asks how we were doing 90 times and guided the sing-a-longs. However I believe I was a fairly enthusiastic crowd member and got one notice from them all night, right when I was about to give up. They should have just kept the screen up form Life in Technicolour.


Next beef, I have a comparison. I have seen Coldplay three times and spent well over $400 to do so and heard 25 different songs over the three night...25 of 54 songs played, 46 in two nights.


I have since seen Pearl Jam twice, only paid $150 for both shows, and had just as good seats as what was paid for Coldplay. I got crowd interaction from all the band members even the flippin drummer had more interaction than Chris. On those two night I heard 51 separate songs, out of 64 played! Pearl Jam played for longer on one night, clocking in at just under three hours one night, than Coldplay did on two shows combined.


I am having trouble paying for tickets to see a band play the same songs over and over for the sake of production value. They have only been pounding out festival length set lists thus far and I really doubt they will add much more.


Trent Reznor said it best Coldplay is a commercial brand with billboards and over produced albums and shows geared towards making money and nothing else. Their music is kind of like McDonalds, leaves you full but no satisfied.


I disagree as I like their music, but agree on their over produced live shows.

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