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HELP MEEH!! With an art project.


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Okay so a while back my ceramics teacher assigned us a project in which we were supposed to create found object art such as *ahem* This:


So I got a scale (like the kind they use to symbolize justice) and I decided I would try to create two sides fighting on each side. I got some toy soldiers and put them on each side. And now I present my issue; IT LOOKS PATHETIC AND WEAK AND LIKE SHIT AND OMG I NEED TO MAKE THIS BETTER. Any ideas on how to make this look like two sides waging a war on each other? :\ Please reply!

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I think that's very cool actually. I'd make the soldiers stand up. Maybe make some kind of moss ground on each side of the scale they can stand in? I don't know. I think this is a cool idea!:)

Yeah I was going to do that. The moss does sound very interesting so thank you!


Defs use something to make them stand (blu-tac? glue?) and then see how you feel about it

Right now I'm just seeing what I should use before I do any gluing.

maybe tiny splatters of crimson paint to look like blood :P

Yeah that would be very realistic! Thanks!


My friend suggested i use chess pieces but I think I like the ideas you guys suggested to make it look more realistic! :D

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