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European Tour tickets


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Have all the european dates Sold out yet?


Im too gutted to of missed them on the UK stadium tour so im now planning on seeing them in europ instead if there are any tickets left, at the end of the day, will only be a couple of hours on a plane to see them!

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Well I'm not sure about whatever ticket sites the Europe dates have, but maybe try your luck on eBay and see what you can find?


I spent literally months trying to get tickets for Manchester and watched as prices rose and fell, then eventually I had a result with getting a ticket for 9th June for only £59, only £10 more than face value! :)

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Well, i go to the shows in Cologne and Munich.

The one in Hannover could be sold out soon and the hotels are rather expensive around that time.

I think it depends from where you are coming and how good your flight connections are.

I have no idea about Leipzig but you should find cheap hotels in Cologne and Munich.

Good luck to you, i hope you find something

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I would be flying from manchester and it would be a direct flight to probably munich, how far is the olymistadion from everything else and where would be the best place to stay?

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