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  1. Where did he stream from? where's his house? LA or london?
  2. Someone on here must know
  3. Could it be the new album is 54mins41 seconds long too?
  4. How come the scientist was never on this live album from 2003 but was on the dvd?
  5. Liam

    Ghost Story

    Such a great song this
  6. Liam

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Music of spheres is definitely a new X&Y i reckon, not a re-worked one but what it should of been (according to them) but i think it's a brilliant album anyway but there must be a tonne of unfinished X&Y era stuff that they've had that wasn't finished but maybe now they've gone back to??
  7. Apart from Coldplay a few times (all in sig) I've seen the following bands worth mentioning Muse x 4 times (Wembley, Manchester arena and Etihad, O2 arena london) Seen Muse twice this year, definitely the 2nd best band in the world so so good live! The prodigy x 6 (Creamfields,Doncaster Dome,Brixton Academy, Manchester victoria warehouse, Cardiff arena, Dublin arena) Bon jovi x 5 (R.D.S dublin x 3, Maine Road manchester, Stoke stadium) Robbie Williams x 3 (manchester arena x2, Phoenix park dublin) Foo Fighters (Etihad Manchester) U2 - Just the once at Wembley on the 360 tour! Kasabian x 2 (Venue cymru llandudno, Birmingham arena) Stereophonics (Venue Cymru) There aren't many bands left i'd like to see, i would of loved to of seen linkin park, even had tickets for the last tour they did but it was cancelled because of the manchester bombings and then of course sadly chester passed away, Wouldn't mind seeing chemical brothers again, only ever seen them at festivals, gutted i missed them at manchester arena on friday Also hoping Oasis do a re-union tour at some point!
  8. Liam

    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    Probably seemed unlikely they'd announce Everydaylife in the classified section of newspapers all over the world but they still did :D Expect the unexpected i say!
  9. And i've only seen 2 people on twitter get a ticket, very strange
  10. The 2nd part of the song is very U2 esque don't ya think?
  11. Parachutes: High Speed A Rush of Blood to the Head: Politk/Amsterdam (Sorry i couldn't separate the 2) X&Y: A message Viva la Vida Or Death And All His Friends: 42 Mylo Xyloto: Us against the World Ghost Stories: Midnight A Head Full of Dreams: Everglow Everyday Life: Champion of the World/Guns
  12. This, i work the biscuit aisle in work and there's a cereal bar called yes and its been in my head a lot recently haha
  13. I'd love to get something like this (just made it quickly on photoshop iPhone)
  14. Liam


    did anyone go see them on the tour they just finished? I went to birmingham on saturday night and they were awesome, since them earlier this year as well which was the first time i'd ever seen them as well
  15. There should be a "soundcheck rare songs" thread :D Really hope they go back to the old rare good songs like that, I feel they play more rare songs in arena shows than outdoor ones? like a few years ago in manchester arena they played Daylight and i just was not expecting it!
  16. politik is by far the best opener :D
  17. interesting how none of their favourite albums have been the fairly new ones..
  18. i really hope they drop something like this, can't stand it lol
  19. So expensive for hotels in Dublin! Waiting for the Wales announcement...
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