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Radiohead vs. The Matrix


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has anyone heard of this


its like the the thing how pink floyds dark side of the moon came out with wizard of oz and all the songs matched up perfectly to the movie. that movie is called dark side of the rainbow, and i've seen it....it's so cool how each song goes along with each good scene in the movie.


but this time its the matrix and radiohead being played through the whole movie. its called radiohead vs the matrix.


i found this in an article i read about it


"The strategy is to synchronize the entire library of Radiohead recordings to start together (on separate CD players) at the beginning of The Matrix. As the film plays, the music will be drawn in and out of the mix as each album unfolds, magically blending with the images in serendipitous synchronizations."


i'd like to see it. :shock:

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