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Extra Song Considered for Mylo Xyloto: "Wedding Bells" (Chris Martin Video Performance)


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During Apple's September 1, 2010 Keynote, Chris took it to the keynote stage without the rest of the band (Chris called them "too lazy" to show up :laugh3:). The late Steve Jobs announced Chris, making mention of Coldplay working on a new album that Apple was very excited about. Considering how "Wedding Bells" doesn't appear in the Mylo Xyloto Wiki, I figured this may be a lost song for many of us so here it is again!


I figure the recycled lyrics may be one reason that it didn't appear on Mylo Xyloto. "Poison in my blood," "I always loved you and I always will." Still, it could have had a welcome spot on the album.


The original song was eventually evolved into "Christmas Lights," although it still stands as its own individual song.


Here's the only performance/released recording of "Wedding Bells" to date:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwbCuyScCjI]Coldplay - Wedding Bells - live at Apple keynote (720p HD) Exclusive Track - YouTube[/ame]

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