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Hey guys,


Couldn't really think of a better place to post this, and sorry if it's been asked before... I bought the MX tour book at the European tour last year in December, and I was wondering if the one they're selling on the current European tour is any different? If it is, I've got to make sure to pick one up Thursday :)



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I think the one they were selling in December is the same one they were selling in America if that helps? I don't think they would do a new one, it's the same info basically isn't it?


The USA t-shirts were the same, except for the tour dates on the back. For some reason the t-shirt I bought in London didn't have the USA tour dates on the back, just the European ones.. sad really.. I couldn't justify spending more money on a t-shirt with JUST the USA tour dates on the back.

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Well I have one from the current tour, if I explain it maybe you can see if it sounds the same as yours, mine has MYLO XYLOTO symbol stickers in the middle, at the start of the book there is a fold out page showing a picture of the band, near the back/end of the tour book there is a double page of the band facing a huge crowd and written message saying something like "this book is dedicated to you -yes you reading this right now. THANKYOU from the bottom of our hearts. Love will Jonny Chris guy + phil"

The front cover has a mixture of colours on the background and it says Mylo Xyloto in silver, with a vertical line of silver MX symbols. A few pages in, all of the Mylo Xyloto song lyrics are hand written (obviously a copy, they haven't written in each one) with little doodles and scribbles. At the very back pages, there are acknowledgement type things where at the top it says COLDPLAY, then below MYLO XYLOTO LIVE, then below it it says (in smaller white letters) Guy Berryman Jonny Buckland Will Champion Chris Martin and Phil Harvey, then there's lots of little writing giving names of everyone who helps on the tour, e.g. Manager, production, back line, sound, lighting etc.


Hope that helped, ask about any other pages if you want? :D:guy::jonny::will::chris::phil::dazzled:

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