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  1. Here's my great Amsterdam video... still processing to get to 1080p ;)
  2. Was somewhat disappointed after Thursday's show, but completely happy with tonight's show. Got a perfect video of Amsterdam in full, which is nearly done uploading... Will talk more about the gig tomorrow, but this was so, so GOOD!
  3. Just got back, and although it was good, I feel a bit disappointed. That's most likely due to having a pretty shitty seat and thus being far away (standing tomorrow!), but also a bit with the setlist... In My Place for the request song, Princess of China (why is that still there?!) and no real surprises other than Til Kingdom Comes (which was ace)... Chris not singing live in Clocks was blatantly obvious as well. Oh well, I'm sure it'll be more fun tomorrow :)
  4. The competition's only running for another hour, guess they'll announce the winners tonight? I entered too, so fingers crossed! :-)
  5. Just grabbed a ticket for this show! Crappy seat all the way at the back, but I couldn't bear the thought of them playing so close to home twice and only seeing them once :P
  6. According to their Twitter, they're broadcasting the show live, meaning it'll be the Friday show instead. Guess they've just got their timings wrong, as the Friday show doesn't start until 20:45...
  7. Damn, Nice got Us Against the World as the request song? I'd be really disappointed if I got that in Amsterdam - it's been on the setlist for the past three Dutch shows, so it's hardly something they 'never/rarely play' :P
  8. So, can we all agree on requesting Amsterdam for this show? :P
  9. I'm guessing they went with Instagram exactly because of the short videos - imagine having to go through minute-long messages just to filter out one song... Hope this will bring back some interesting songs and they won't go with 'well someone requested Fix You - guess we'll play that then' :)
  10. Aside from whether that leaked setlist is real or not, that is definitely the number of songs I hope/expect they will at least play. They've released two albums since their last big tour and massively inflated the ticket prices, so if they again barely manage a 90-minute show I would probably feel a bit ripped off afterwards :(
  11. I would love for it to be real, but as I saw someone point out, ETIAW isn't on it (which would be very surprising) and they've apparently just soundchecked Army of One, so it's not looking very likely...
  12. If that setlist's a fake (which I fear), it's definitely a very elaborate one... Would be great if it's real though, as it would mean they're doing some things I have been hoping they'd do for years: slightly longer sets, rotating different songs on multiple nights (aka add an element of surprise to the shows) and, most of all, bring back some fan favourites they haven't (or have barely) played in years! We'll see on Thursday though, I guess... Fingers crossed! :)
  13. Just picked up a vinyl copy at my local record shop! Not a coloured one though, a regular black version :)
  14. A proper cd-rip of the album has surfaced! It actually sounds quite a lot better than the leak :)
  15. The roof is always closed during concerts ;) so probably no or limited fireworks this time around :\
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