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Coldplay Hoodie / Live DVD


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Hey guys :-)


I was at the concert in Munich which was just awesome!

Now I have got two questions and hope that you can help me.


I wonder if there will be a "Live"- DVD of the concert(s) ?! I also saw a lot of cameras of the german televison channel "Das Erste". Will they show the concert in television as well !?


I wanted to buy the Coldplay Hoody but unfortunately I did not have enough money :-/ Is there a possibility to buy the hoody online OR is someone of you going to one of the following concerts so I could give you the money in advance and you'll send me the hoody ?


Thanks for your help !!!

Best regards,



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Hi !


You'll find the hoodie you like here : coldplay.com/shop


Yes there'll be a live DVD (the wristband you got in Munchen surely had "coldplayfilm" written on it). Some shows (London, Montreal, Paris) were officially filmed for that project, but the cameras you saw are very unlikely to be linked with it. But keep an eye on Das Erste, there'll probably be some footage airing sooner or later! :)

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