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  1. I bought a parking spot directly at the stadium for 15€. On the parking ticket was this more detailed map of the layout for the show:
  2. Well you never can be sure 100%, but from my small experience, my ID has never been checked on a concert of this scale. It might happen in smaller concerts where the production really doesn't want people to resell their tickets (usually at prices way too high), but I'd say you're probably good to go.
  3. Lu'kaa

    Concert Intros

    I remember that video, I used to watch it tons of time during the Viva era! Thank you for shooting it :) I remember the energy felt very good in it.
  4. Woohoo, got tickets to this one! Well I bought 2 tickets but for now I'm going alone so I'll definitely be up for meeting people, especially if I'm going on my own. Also, I might have a ticket to sell :D (Standing ticket, I don't know which zone yet though.)
  5. I am looking for 1 ticket as well! If you sell or hear anything, let me know please :)
  6. Cool project :) Paris, France Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
  7. It took some time to perfect it, no more than 3 days though which is still less than all the time Mila Furstova took just for drawing a couple wings and placing them in front of the stars and the sea. She spent WEEKS and WEEKS for this, I mean WTF?????????????????
  8. Let's face it, MX was just ugly and Parachutes/AROBTTH/XY/Viva/GS were easy artworks, basically just a single thing on top of some background I hope they try something a bit more complicated for the next one like this one I just made as an example
  9. Now I might draw your attention to the line where I wrote "I know it's going to sound exaggerated" but then I feel like I might fall into some sort of "I told you so" trick so I'm not gonna write it. Of course the Coldplay fandom doesn't really matter. I still think that if you just take a couple of seconds to think about how this whole story got created... I think we can all learn from it. Some have found the whole thing funny, I do feel like it's kinda sad, because it's revealing a lot. But, sure, at the end, it's no big deal.
  10. Naaaah I won't be a douchebag, no need to be like "yeah, told you so". (But I'm still posting this link because with the next few lines, I know people will be like "it's easy to criticize after it's all been officially denied".) Seriously though, I fully agree with what Joel just said, and I'm kinda relieved that it won't be this really cheesy thing. This whole story, the way it got to be considered like "news" (literally out of NOWHERE), the way people tried to "confirm" it (based on ONE tweet), the way people just started believing in all of this, and how articles and stuff got made... I
  11. Yeah, and, well, you know, they might have, maybe, MAYBE, more interesting shit to care about. (Maybe.)
  12. I have been watching the vid tonight, remembering how it felt to discover it for the first time. That surprise, that shock! We knew they'd try to surprise us, yet they went really far with this one. I also wish the whole album, as good as it is, had more of this incredible atmosphere. You had the right term with 'hypnotizing'.
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