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Parachutes Cover (Guitar/Vocal)


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So i buy a new microphone and a usb recording interface and this was the first song i recorded, and at first attempt so is far away from perfection.


Anyway, tell me what you think :D


[ame=http://soundcloud.com/dms120/parachutes-coldplay-cover]Parachutes - Coldplay cover by dms120 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free[/ame]

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Hi mate,


what you using? Gear wise? its a good effort nice voice and playing.


Just at the beginning your voice was clipping a bit. clip...means like go the signal from your voice or guitar distorts and sounds rough and not clear. If you record something like a vocal through a mic then just watch the levels.


But sounds great. Good rendition

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What i am using what? I'm recording with a tascam us-144mkii with a micro behringer xm8500 and my electric guitar connected.


I record with audacity, put a little echo on the voice and add a little efect with guitar rig on the guitar.


I guess i should have bought a condensor mic, i have a weak voice, but now the mistake is done but is a great mic anyway.


And thanks :D

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