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The meaning of the lyrics ...

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... Now that i know about the Mylo Xyloto's Comic, i got an idea about the meaning of the song's lyrics ...


I think it's a battle theme. Something like the "boss theme" of Major Minus, during his final battle with Mylo Xyloto and his lover (I don't know if the character has been named ...).


In my head, i can see Mylo Xyloto sending a Hopeful Transmission to everyone by using a Radio Tower, stopping Hypnofeed in the process, then facing Major Minus along with his lover, who tells him to stand up, even if it's difficult.


It's a good theory, right ?

Maybe i'm a real genius ... or it's because i'm drunk XD

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Yup', it's better ! Fly and Rex take care of the silencers, while Mylo and his lover take care of Major Minus.


I can imagine the battle ... Major Minus using a cannon, trying to kill them, Mylo using his Sparks as a Weapon to catch the Cannonball and then sending it back to Major Minus, killing him in the process, in an explosion of colors and sounds.


I hope a Japanese studio will contact Coldplay to make an anime adaptation of Mylo Xyloto ... MX + Japanese voice acting = Pure Epicness.

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