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  1. @I ran away The past is called the past for a reason. When the dust has settled, and it's all over, whether you like the outcome or not you have to accept it for what it's worth. We can only live and learn. It is easier to be negative than it is to be positive. And while I can just say, think positive, that won't really help you at all. You don't have to move mountains to figure out the source of the problem. But at the same time, progress is only made when you step outside your comfort zone. Sometimes you have to do things that scare you half to death. Because when you do something scary, and complete it, you just told yourself that you are capable of doing so much more! You are stronger than you think, you are smarter than you think. You are better than you think. We as humans are capable of so much! Yet we refuse to believe it because it means we have to scare ourselves and do something we "think" we cannot do. The minute you open your mind to everything that comes in, the minute you tell yourself, "I can and I will just watch me!!" That is the day you realize you are capable of doing anything. Our hardest critic is ourselves. Our worst enemy is staring back at us everyday in the mirror. My advice, Never Never Never Give Up!! Just find a way to overcome, don't give in and keep on pushing. Just keep holding on. Never Never Never Give Up!!
  2. @karvi22 @antdrew Thank you guys, I feel the love and appreciate you both taking the time to respond. :)
  3. @karvi22 Trust your instincts and stick to your guns. Be upfront and honest with him as other said. He may not like what you say, you might not even like what you say, but by being real and genuine you can get through this situation. Sending you hugs and love :) @coldplayisawesome This may sound crazy but just put yourself out there and say what's on your mind. Be honest and don't pull any punches, sometimes relationships run their course and we have to accept them for what they were and are. I broke up with my girlfriend last week and cut off communications with my best friend a few days ago so it's been an interesting week to say the least. Thank god for the gym. I'm still great friends with the ex though, we text a lot, maybe she texts me too much lol. And my best friend was just a toxic person to be around. We played guitars together a lot. But he isn't open to trying new sounds and ideas, same old same old. Plus while I go to college and work on the wambulance part time, he sits at home playing video games, playing guitar, drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol(he's got a beer gut to that of a 45 y/o male!). I honestly think he's a women repellant! I'm not bad looking but he just drives them away lol! He doesn't work, doesn't go to school and expects to become a rock star overnight and make millions of dollars without any real hard work. He's out of touch with reality. So I am not wasting my time anymore on him. And with the ex gf, I didn't feel like the right fit for her, and she didn't feel like the right person for me. There were no arguments, cheating, lying, I was open and honest and said I am conflicted because I can't keep stringing you along if I don't really mean it anymore. Anyways I'm getting off the soapbox now!! Hope everyone is doing alright :)
  4. RIP Chester, I was shocked when I found out. I can't imagine what his family, friends and band mates are feeling now. You won't be forgotten.
  5. Guess I'm a 13 y/o with ADHD now. Better go get my Ativan to quell those darn Chainsmoker urges! :D
  6. Absolutely love it. Hope the new EP sounds just like this. Would make the live show explosive and energetic. Bring on more!
  7. I heard he started working on his 3rd album. Where have you heard this? I assumed it would be another 1.5 years before he releases it.
  8. A new Litmann stethoscope. It's so beautiful!
  9. @iamsue My condolences to you and your friends family. Letting go and saying goodbye is never easy. I just read your post back on page 14 and wanted to say a few things. What you are going through is completely normal and acceptable so don't ever apologize for the way you feel. I understand where you are coming from. I have the opportunity of working in a field where I deal with sick and hurt people on a daily basis. And I must say that seeing friends and family there for their loved ones is the strongest bond you could ever witness. Whether it's love or devotion or something else, it's truly remarkable. This may not fully make sense or have sunk in yet, but hold on to the good memories you two had. Remember the good times, the bad and everything in between. As most people said above, we are here if you need us.
  10. Everything Guy said above^^^ Americans are fed up with the government to the point where anyone else is a viable option. Politics aside, I think everyone should check out this song, and it's message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gef9qsBytTc Mobile Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Gef9qsBytTc
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