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Coldplay Glastonbury Projection for ETIAW


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Randomly came across this video when i was on youtube about how they went about doing the projections onto the pyramid stage!

its incredible how much effort was made just for one song!


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tS3fPy_nV0]Mapping the Pyramid Stage -- Glastonbury Festival - YouTube[/ame]

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Thank you very much for that video, very interesting indeed.


I hope Coldplay keeps an eye on that technology, and I think they will. We saw that they brought projections to the Hollywood Bowl shows, so they are definitely liking it.

Now I can totally imagine them trying to bring that to a whole tour in the future : a stage that lights up. How awesome would that be. It might get tricky in arenas, and it will require a lot of extra work to their crews, but I can definitely imagine that coming to stadium shows for a start.

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