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  1. Yes that was me, enjoy the concert tonight! I'm block 121, row 2. I'm I bit scared that I'm not able to see the B-stage because of the tech stand in-between.
  2. There aren't any unreserved seats in the ArenA. I'll be in block 121 today. Yesterday I had a standing ticket and walked in the stadium at 17:50. At that time the C-stage barrier was empty so I went there. I think 2nd row for the B stage was also possible for that time.
  3. Ik ga naar beide shows in de ArenA, de 23e sta ik op het veld en de 24e in vak 121
  4. Hey! I'm looking for tickets for this show, there are still some upper tier seats available, but I prefer a standing or level 1 ticket. Anyone here who can help me out? Edit: I have a ticket!
  5. Most full sets I can find on youtube are 50 minutes long
  6. LIVE STREAM: [video=youtube;YAPukIWbYU0]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAPukIWbYU0 Coldplay will perform at this years Global Citizen Festival on September 26th in New York City’s Central Park. They share the line-up with Ed Sheeran, Pearl Jam and Beyoncé. Link for the Youtube Channel - LINK: https://www.youtube.com/user/GlobalPovertyProject
  7. De Bilt, the Netherlands My favorite song at this moment is Life in Technicolor ii
  8. Finally!! Curious what will happen with the World Cups in Qatar and Russia
  9. Life in Technicolor Square One Politik MX Always In My Head Don't Panic
  10. Our town is mostly surrounded by a forest and farmers, but in the distance you can see a beautiful churchtower from a big city. Everything's flat ofcourse.
  11. Can someone tell Coldplay to never ride a bike again
  12. Same here... Can it be February already?
  13. Happy new year everyone! Haven't been on here for a couple of weeks/months. How's everybody doing?
  14. Trying again for Amsterdam tomorrow, hope I'll be lucky!
  15. I tried for Amsterdam, Antwerp and Cologne, but no tickets for me :(
  16. I'll be trying to get Amsterdam tickets for me and some friends. If we can't get tickets for Amsterdam I'm trying for myself to go see them somewhere in Europe.
  17. U2 just announced a tour!!!!!!!!!! http://www.u2.com/tour
  18. Very cool and so many opportunities!
  19. A guy "film professional" from the movie world. He has worked for 20th Century Fox.
  20. (Yes I waited about 20 minutes to post that :cool:)
  21. :dance: Exactly 2000 post and 3 years ago I joined this wonderful site! :dance:
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