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I Bloom Blaum cover


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Damn you look fiiiiiiine :wideeyed:





Ahem, back to the topic:


You've got a great voice, that was a very nice to listen to :wacky:

I've got one thing to say though:

maybe you could try speaking the "t"s in the song a little bit softer, for example when you sang "tired eyes/go with me all the time/tell me you will be mine" they sounded a little bit too sharp/strong in comparison to this very soft song... I hope that made sense :uhoh:

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Yeah I can't believe how good the guy plays this song on guitar! And yeah Twisted Mind I know what you mean, i just sang a couple of those bits trying to quieten the 't' but I can't! when I speak 'time' its not as harsh but when I sing, its like that

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