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How We Saw The World (Part 1) Official DVD


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Hey guys!! I was going to the movies last night and got to the mall earlier to go to the music store and guess what I found:




Of course I bought it and saw it as soon as I got home. It's the unreleased version that includes Ring Of Fire, Trouble and all the other songs that didn't make the cut on the televised version.


I don't know how Coldplay-approved is this because on the back cover, where the setlist is, there are typos on the song titles (e.g. Clocks is shown as Cloks).


But anyways, Mexican fans (specially Monterrey fans) go to any Saharis or Mixup near you and buy your copy!!! And for the rest of the world, I think those two stores have online ordering so maybe you can get it online.

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Well, you can find the whole thing on Youtube so I wouldn't be surprised if someone just downloaded it from the internet and put it on the DVD. As the Oracle would say, "If it isn't in the official releases section of the Coldplay website, it isn't official."

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it says $165.00 wtf :wtf: :wtf: 16,5 dollar or 1,65 dollar?

also, isn't it the performance from toronto 2006?

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DmDfFpAt6E]Coldplay live in Toronto 2006 HD (Full) - YouTube[/ame]

or did they perform ring of fire and how you see the world in another concert?

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