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  1. It really is! The instrumentation near the end is very eloquent and is reminiscent of Chinese Sleep Chant. Huge fan of this track.
  2. I actually love this song. A lot. It’s the song I’ve played most (outside the singles that releases ahead of time). The alien voice works surprisingly well, and Chris’ vocals mesh very well in ways that it shouldn’t. The chorus, like the song, is simplistic. It’s unique but it doesn’t try too hard. Really, really fun song that hinges between pop and some sort of avante garde mix.
  3. Here's my review (co-posted to r/Coldplay!) 'm nearly done with Coloratura which I've listened to plenty of times, so here's my initial review. It's short—like curiously short. I'm surprised at how, I guess, incomplete it feels even though it's definitely an experience from beginning to end. That being said, I enjoyed it more than I anticipated earlier this year when we got news about BTS, etc. The only dud for me so far is Let Somebody Go; Pride of the People will have to grow on me too. But, the standout tracks are really, really good. MOTS is an excellent instrumental opener,
  4. I honestly don’t even know what to say. That’s the first Coldplay song that’s left me speechless since… I don’t even know. My god, what a masterpiece.
  5. Really pleasantly surprised at all of this. I like Higher Power, but was entirely unsure what to expect for the full album. The teaser made me very excited for what's to come; each track sounds well-produced from the snippets we've heard. It offers some wide-ranging variety in a way that doesn't come off as convoluted or whatever. Bring on October 15!
  6. When I read Max Martin produced this track, I was like, "Oh god, oh no." I'm happy that I can ear my words. The snippets really did a good job of disguising the rest of the song. It's certainly poppy, but not overwhelmingly so. The production is legitimately super good, and the final bridge really amplifies the song. Super happy with it; already on my third listen!
  7. I’m not sure why you think every piece of music has to be revolutionary to be good.
  8. Exactly my thoughts. I have a lot of hope for the album now.
  9. That's what I thought too. The production is much better than MX—that's always been my biggest complaint with MX, it sounds muddled—and it has that sort of eclectic energy HLH has.
  10. Yeah, I'm a fan. I was skeptical with Max Martin producing, but this seems to be a very good mix of Coldplay and his pop-heavy style. If I had to guess, the singles will be dream pop, and I bet the other tracks are space rock (or in a similar vein). I don't love the lyrics, but I knew that when the lyrics were first being teased. It's not a big deal. Really excited for next Friday.
  11. I've had this in the back of my head for years. I so badly want this to come to fruition.
  12. With all due respect, what you’re predicting about their future goes against their press for Everyday Life. They repeatedly said they did not care how well or poorly the album did. They’ve passed the days where they’re making music to ‘please’ their label. This past era was not created in hopes of sparking a big success; it was purposefully tuned down to a polarizing, abstract degree. Coldplay is doing whatever they want now. I have no doubt in my mind they’re going to still accidentally make hits, but that’s much different from producing an entire album with pop in mind.
  13. I’m way, way behind on all of this, so excuse the curiosity: When was Rescue Street recently mentioned? I thought I wasn’t out of the loop, but I digress.
  14. I cannot get over how great of a song this is. On my first listen, it was in my bottom three songs — and now it’s in my top three. Legitimately solid song.
  15. I've also thought they realized their mistake with Parachutes and AROBTTH. I'm certain Pitchfork was one of the few negative voices who downplayed AROBTTH upon release, and like you said, it's like they're trying to maintain the same demeanor as a result. By their standards, AROBTTH and Viva, and now Everyday Life, should be at least 8.0-9.0.'s. I wish they'd re-review albums from time to time, especially once one has been out for so long.
  16. Hey now, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a masterpiece. That album deserved every bit of critical acclaim it received. That said, their rating system is bad. I’ll never understand it.
  17. Why do we care about this still? It’s hilariously unfair to deem a band “second rate” based on record sales.
  18. I posted this elsewhere, but here are my first impressions. I avoided leaks like the plague in hopes I could walk into this evening like it was Christmas Eve. I was petrified I would unintentionally overhype the album, yet here I am with my jaw on the floor. Words escape me in trying to articulate just how remarkable this album is. Whereas I found issues to nitpick quietly with every album post-Viva, this one has me appreciating every aspect of the album. As so many of you said had said when the album leaked, there truly isn’t a bad song on the album. There are a few I have yet to fully
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