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The Magic 8 Ball


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Works so far.


That's not me making light of rape. Statutorily, given that a girl lied to me about her age (back when I was 17 - she was 15) I am a rapist. I actually thought she was older, given she was moaning that she had forgotten her I.D so might not get in the club we were going in. I only found out later that she was younger but it traumatised me for over a year. Fortunately she was not traumatised and given I was apparently far from her first nothing was made of it at all. It affected me a lot more than it did her.


So er, yeah. Carry on.

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Coldplay's next album, is it gonna be any good?

"I don't have all the answers, but yes.."

Of course it isn't.

They've been wank from third album onwards.


Is there life on Mars?

"I can hear the fear in your voice. No."

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