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CM's guitar playing style/Bigger Stronger


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I had never heard this song, Bigger/Stronger, until only a few weeks ago, which is always fun because i've been pretty diehard since i heard the first three chords to yellow on the radio in 2000. Anyway, i figured this one out (bigger stronger) and am again impressed with the chord sequencing and the sophistication he shows here especially in the chorus. How old could he have been when he wrote this? especially in a time when there weren't exactly a ton of internet resources. It also shows that signature guitar style of generally leaving the high E and B strings, whatever they might be tuned to, open for the majority of his barre chords. Does anyone know if he can take credit for this style that allows the open strings to ring open throughout while using his thumb to play the low E. It certainly rubbed off on my own playing and songwriting. Glad I have long thin fingers to make these chords cause it must be a physical stretch for many. fun to play though and ingenious. All great artists borrow and build on the work of others but CM really seems to use this approach the most effectively and easily the most famously. The chord books I all looked at had this one completely wrong btw.



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