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Hazel O'Connor


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Hazel O'Connor is a punk/new wave singer from the 80's.

Does anyone else on here like her?

I watched Breaking Glass (a film she starred in and did the soundtrack for) last night and realised how much I love her unique voice.


I even tweeted "I absolutely love Hazel O'Connor" and she replied ( :wacky: )! "Aw thank you for your kind words. Have a great weekend X", highlight of my week.



If you haven't heard of Hazel, then watch Breaking Glass, it's a bloody great film also starring Phil Daniels ( Quadrophenia).


Give some of her songs a listen! A couple of my favourites:





EDIT: please listen to Hazel O'Connor- Will You, the saxophone solo in it is absolute perfection. It's amazing. You can thank me later.

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