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Wha?? wha?? Guitar!


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Well, i'm just searching for a cheap, but good guitar wich i can use to play.. an electric fcourse,

But anyway, i found one, and does someone know if its a good one??

I found a Dean Avalange Zone, iz cheap yeah,

And i found tha Yamaha EG112

But those two, are they good??


(i dont know anything about guitars, i just wanna learn it)

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I have only played a Yamaha Erg 121... and it was decent. It had a really cool sound to it.


A company that makes pretty cheap good guitars i think would be Squire. My first guitar was a Squire Bullet Special (i think). There were a few probelms with it like the pickup was too sensitive and would pick up unwanted sounds, and it only had a single coil humbucker and a volume knob. But i paid $100 (US) and it was decent. It was a great beginner guitar but not the best.

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