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Could Coldplay be headlining Made in America Festival in Los Angeles in August?


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There are rumors that Coldplay could be one of the headliners 0f the Jay Z curated Made in America Festival that will be held in Los Angeles and Philadelphia on August 30-31. Here's a link to what I read: http://glamorosi.blogspot.com/2014/05/855-Made-America-Festival-Lineup-Rumors-Abound.html


I normally wouldn't put much faith in this rumor, based on Chris saying there is no Ghost Stories tour besides this mini tour and also having personally asked Phil Harvey about that before the Royce Hall show, but at the end of the Royce Hall show Chris said "see you soon". I found it odd that he said that based on no further touring past July 1. Could it be that the band considers one off festivals as separate from promotion for Ghost Stories and they could be playing it out of Chris' friendship with Jay Z? We will know soon as the Made in America Festival will announce their lineup as early as tomorrow from what I'm hearing.

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