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James Cordon : Coldplay move me


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[h=1]James Corden: Coldplay move me[/h]Article link


James Corden has named Coldplay as his top ever band, and says he wonders how many talented people there are in the world who don't get a chance to show off their abilities.

James Corden is Coldplay's biggest fan.

The British actor is currently starring in musical movie Begin Again opposite Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine.

James got to show off his singing abilities and admits he loves music especially the offerings of Chris Marin and co.

"There's a generation above me that like love U2. And I think they're brilliant, but they never really felt like my band. And then Coldplay, when that Parachutes album came out I was like, 'Oh god, this is my band.' And I still feel that today, that they I think are probably still my favourite band," James gushed to heyuguys.com.

"But then you know I love it all really. I really do. The only music I don't like is house and metal. Metal I just think, 'Oh god. Come on. You're 50. Cut your hair and get a job'. But everything else I really love."

In Begin Again James takes on the role of Steve, a struggling musician who is best friends with Keira's character Greta.

While 35-year-old James is now an established actor, he also went through hard times when a career in front of the camera seemed a long way off and so totally understood what his onscreen alter ego was going through.

"Of course, I can absolutely relate to that feeling of just going, 'I love doing this so much I just want to do it all the time,' you know? And so much of it is luck. My character... he isn't very good is the truth and not really good enough. But I do often think about how many brilliantly talented people there are, who just aren't getting the opportunity to do it," he sighed.

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