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nǐ hǎo, salut, shalom, Privet!, hola and hello there


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I've been reading this Forum for many many years and never ever posted anything myself nor even created an account.

That changed a few weeks ago :) so hey there lovely people, my name is Phil, I am 21 years old, the obsession got me when I was around 14 and didn't let go ever since. So far I have seen the boys in real life four times already with the fifth time to come in exactly 191 hours and 36 minutes ;) my favourite album probably is AROBTTH :arobtth: with X&Y :x&y: not far behind :D


Any questions?! :D


P.S.: as you can see, I find myself using many emoticons... if you ever see me not using them, I am either very focused or very angry or in a rather serious mood. At least that's what my friends say.

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