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  1. since Hannah asked for me, heres the bidet we have in our flat , after ur done doing ur business in the toilet, you get up, sit there, open the water faucet, splash it in the private parts, use intimate wash, rinse, use a towel to dry yourself, and you are good to go clean as a whistle
  2. :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

  3. Hello friends, I don't think i have written in here in something like 5 years and that should be enough of a sign of how fucking great this album is. My thoughts are a bit messy but i'll try to find some kind of cohesiveness. Let's start with the """weak""" points which in my opinion aren't weak at all: - lack of cohesiveness, in my opinion albums that are way too cohesive are boring, repetitive, don't really branch out, i prefer an album that isn't cohesive but every song is unique and totally different from the other and offers something new - this is a "chris album" and the others c
  4. ?!?!?! in 2000 mainstream songs talked about butts too, like Baby's got Back, or Hot in Herre or i could go on... also there loads of non-mainstream songs that talk about butts its always been like this, both mainstream and non-mainstream music have a side were they main focus is on butts, acohol, parties, drugs, trashing hotel rooms, having casual sex, shaming other people for said casual sex, cheating and another side were the main focus is about emotions, whatever they are and its fine to listen to both, or talk about both (shaming people not so much or cases like blurred lines which
  5. this is fine for you to think that, if aband or music style doesnt reflect what you wanna hear, its normal for you to dislike it, but i wont call it "fall from grace", that a strong word for something which changes from person to person
  6. the only releases by coldplay that weren't mainstream were the three EPs previous from parachutes, yellow was the biggest song of the 2000 and most played songs in the radio... trouble, shiver too were mainstream, the scientist was mainstrem, clocks hell its on of the biggest singles to date i think politik and aoal are not different artistically speaking, they just aim at something different, politik makes you think about your choices, aoal makes you wanna live life at its fullest, those songs have different styles and aim at a different reaction from the crowd and its unfair that one song
  7. bands/artists get money for the sales or either band merch or concert tickets and just a little part from cd/download sales, the rest goes all to the record company that's why bands/acts are actually a lot less richer than people may think, a lot of the money they make goes to the record company, the bigger you get the more money your record company recieves, but if you dont do well in concerts, then you're screwed
  8. but a lot of not-mainstream songs talk about shallow stuff too! most rock music just talks about trashing hotel rooms, doing drugs and having sex! Also theres this phenomenon going on with mainstream music, most songs now dont talk about sex almost anymore, or drugs or bad behaviour they talk about the same stuff not-mainstream music talks about, happiness... sadness... the only difference is that it appeals the radio and thus reaches more people and makes more sales (but artists dont get money from sales only for concerts) and why should that be considerated like a bad thing? just because
  9. I still dont get why you hate mainstream music, like, what did it do to get hated by you people? im not criticizing you, i just really wanna understand, and its not about the money cause some not-mainstream acts make more money than mainstream ones...
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