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[X10Y] The delay of 'X&Y' costs EMI over $500 million!


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Warning sign - You are about to be transported back 10 years into the past! Coldplay have just announced their third album X&Y but all is not well with Coldplay and EMI's relationship.


Record company EMI have hit out at Coldplay and cartoon band, Gorillaz for a fall in sales. Both of their albums were due out in the fourth quarter of 2004 but have failed to materialize. EMI said full-year profits to 31 March fell 13% to £141.9m. According to British newspaper, The Telegraph, the delay of Coldplay's album will account for a tremendous loss of £320m to the music company (Approx $500m).


Chris Martin was having none of it though and furiously lashed out at EMI and the corporate group's shareholders:


Shareholders are the great evil of this modern world


Coldplay were under intense scrutiny to get X&Y ready as soon as possible and it may still not be the finished article in their eyes. Only time will tell, as Coldplay's third album gets ready to hit the shelves!



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