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Coldplay song worth learning on guitar


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Hi guys,


I never heard this song until relatively recently (last couple years) and shouldn't have been surprised I liked it a lot. It's also a lot of fun to play on the guitar because it's doable but still kind of challenging for people in my range of playing ability. it's very Chris Martin too, despite being in standard tuning. This cover is down a semitone so my guitar is tuned Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb but the album track is standard. If anyone want's i can share some chords. just let me know. Charlie


OH! it's "Careful Where You Stand." Almost forgot to mention that!




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And last...for now. the final section or two sections of Up with the Birds. I play this differently than everything i've come across in printed song books. I just don't think they're correct by my ear. Not referring to the piano based section of the song, but from when Johnny plays the electric riff through the ending...about the final two minutes. I play, for Johnny's part, basically a normal D chord with the various hammer-ons and pull offs then switch to a D3add4 (X-X-0-0-3-2). The main hammer-on is from a D-chord (x-x-0-2-3-2) hammer on second string 4th fret and play the third string open before a strum of a Dchord again. have to use your ear. and before the acoustic guitar comes in, it's a Dsus2 (X-X-0-3-2-0). Acoustic Guitar: Standard tuning: D chord to BminorAdd4 (X-2-4-4-3-0) eventually followed by a Gmaj7 of your choosing (3-x-5-4-3-2) or (3-5-5-4-0-2). then basically your normal Emin when he says "a simple plot," to a normal-ish G then D. Ends with a Gmaj7 "oh yeahhhhh." In this cover I layer the Gmajor 7 with a second acoustic guitar playing a G6 (3-5-5-4-2-0) It's the only way I feel like the chord is fully the way I hear it on the record. Not sure what chord those two make combined like that but it sounds lovely. If i had six fingers I'd play the Gmaj7 (3-5-5-4-3-2) but I am stuck with standard issue human anatomy and I can't make that one. Here's what it sounds like. The album track is in the background at a very low level. I'm playing the electric guitars, the acoustic guitars, the bass and the singing in the foreground. Cheers, Charlie




Feel free to tell me i'm wrong or deaf or both or if you wanna know something i might have forgotten. :)

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