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Your Magic Carpet Ride with Coldplay


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Hey there, fellow Coldplayers.

I'm back with another random thread that just peaked my imagination earlier today...


If you could go on a magic carpet ride with Coldplay, where would it take you?

Ok. I'll start...

If I were to go on a magic carpet ride with Chris and the guys, we would fly to California and go to Disneyworld. While we're on the way there, Chris would play his magic piano and we would create songs together.


What about you, Coldplay fans?

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Wow you seemed to have taken all the good things already!

Disneyland would be awesome & a magic piano. Brilliant!

I'd like to go to the rainbow...have strawberries and cream to begin the excitement....a warm blanket to lie under... We would stop mid-ride and watch the sunset & then lie out all night watching the stars......[emoji304][emoji526][emoji560][emoji93][emoji92]

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