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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32129[/ATTACH] Or for something a little more HARDCORE perhaps......
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]32128[/ATTACH] I think they would really pull something like this off.....All white with a splash of colour.....Own it!
  3. Free Will Sweetest Birthday Wishes to the Best Drummer in the World x
  4. I always think of that line from Pearl Jam 'Better Man' "She dreams in colours".... Nightmares could most definitely be part of the colours/dreams[emoji165]
  5. I must say that moment in Magic when he picks up the guitar is so magical...lol... Then I think of the piano .....lets just say...it ....wins....[emoji446][emoji112]
  6. Lol...Yes it's f***ing brilliant! "Use your heart as a weapon....[emoji445][emoji442][emoji180]
  7. I was wondering if there was a thread for our favourite lyrics? I don't know how to start a new thread but I would love to post some of my favourite ones!
  8. Change is good though..."No mistakes only possibilities". MX and GS still needed to be made exactly as they were...everything has its own unique purpose....full circle [emoji295]️
  9. Perfectly said! Think MX & GS fit perfectly in with the music as catharsis here....also agree that the earlier albums are some of their best work....and just in case they ever pop in here to say hello...gotta mention it again that perhaps more of the B sides to the A sides....we want the B to the A....[emoji8][emoji13][emoji6]
  10. Lol....it's beautiful artistic expression....happy feet! Maybe we will see the cap on stage too! [emoji1]
  11. Lol....It was a very good line....the best one by far....[emoji4] [emoji445][emoji442]
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