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Hola hola!


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Hello there!


I don't really know why it took me so long to arrive to this forum, but well, tadá :D


My name is Allan and I'm from Chile. I've been following the band since 2007, just after they visited Chile. I was so angry when they cancelled the southamerican tour, especially 'cause I loved Mylo Xyloto.


My favorite songs:

1- A message

2- Death and all his friends/Up with the birds/Atlas

3- O/Everything's not lost/Always in my head

4- I ran away/Strawberry swing/I ran away

5- Don't let it break your heart


And... I have a band, is called Morgan, and we've made some Coldplay covers, like this one (I'm the singer/keyboards in the middle).




I hope you're having a nice weekend, and please, forgive me if I make some mistakes with my english from time to time. Cheers!



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