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  1. Yes, it's the Sun and the Daily Mail. It's nothing we don't already know, they are just finally catching on to what us fans have discovered about the Music of the Spheres trademark.
  2. I want Jon Hopkins to contribute again. Midnight and The Escapist are amazing, as are the ambient remixes of MX songs that he contributed to Live 2012. Except this time, I want his contributions to be completely new. The Escapist and Midnight came from snippets of old Jon Hopkins compositions and the band just added to them.
  3. I could be you You could be me [Arabesque] VS See the forest there in every seed Angels in the marble waiting to be freed [Up&Up]
  4. I wonder if this performance will be like the 2015 iHeartRadio show where the only "new" parts of their set were the outfits, instrument decorations, and stage decorations. They debuted the AHFOD aesthetic, but that was it. No new songs until they played Amazing Day at the Global Citizen Festival. Who knows, maybe they'll do the same thing? Just depends on whether or not they'll have at least one new song rehearsed, and whether or not they plan on releasing something relatively quickly after the Music of the Spheres trademark becomes theirs. I wouldn't be surprised if the album is almost
  5. The snippet reminds me of Wedding Bells. It's not particularly stunning to me but then again, it's like a little sketch. I need to track down the full interview to see if Chris gave any details at all.
  6. Sunset (Everyone Hurts, Everyone Cries) Shiver
  7. There's an indie artist I love named Tyler Shaw, whose solo project is known as Aviators. He has made some incredible music, especially over the last five or so years. He's known for music inspired by video games, TV shows, cartoons, and movies, but he has also written multiple albums that, together, tell the story of people fighting for freedom in a dystopian society. Kind of like Mylo Xyloto, but darker. This is my personal favorite Aviators song, Wolves.
  8. I'm thinking it'll just be one song, considering how much the award ceremony has to get through in one night. One song, then move on. But yeah, now that I think of it, it'll be one of the songs you mentioned... though each of them, especially Everyday Life and Trouble In Town, would likely sound better if Jonny were to join Chris. He really steals the show when they play those two songs. I hope he joins! But it's alright if he doesn't.
  9. I'm thinking it'll be either Everyday Life or Viva la Vida. Or maybe Chris will play that solo version of A Sky Full Of Stars from the Everyday Life shows. I'm really not expecting any new material.
  10. Wooden Yes, I was listening to We Never Change a little bit ago 😂
  11. 42Escapist

    The song Game!

    New Way Home by Foo Fighters
  12. Not surprising, but at least this allows Coldplay to play the festival if it doesn't conflict with anything they've already scheduled. I have a hunch that MOTS will come out by the end of 2021 and 2022 is going to be filled with touring, as long as it's safe to attract such crowds by that point. This definitely fits with the Fit For The Future campaign that was mentioned a couple pages ago. It's environmentalism. I have a feeling they are going to do a lot of promoting for environmental causes in the next few years, similar to how they promoted fair trade (to the point where Chris woul
  13. 42Escapist

    The song Game!

    Riverman by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
  14. 42Escapist

    The song Game!

    Somebody Told Me by The Killers
  15. I know Debs Wild has an account here. The very same Debs Wild who discovered the band in 1998, was once The Oracle on Coldplay's website, and has been friends with the band in some capacity since the very beginning. I'm not gonna ping her with a mention (her username is just her first and last name if you want to look it up), but she pops in from time to time and was last active less than a month ago. Maybe she peeks at our outrageous speculation from time to time and mentions it to the band. 😂 Anyways, I have my doubts that Angel Lopez posting songs from Viva is very significant. Ma
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