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  1. I now think it's quite ironic that they chose not to embark on the typical world tour for this era... it's likely that a lot of shows would have been canceled by now. So they may have dodged a bullet :confused:
  2. Over 2 months since I first listened to the album, and almost 3 months after Orphans + Arabesque dropped, here are my thoughts... Everyday Life is legendary by Coldplay standards. I don't think we'll ever get anything quite like it again, just like AROBTTH and X&Y, but I think it's very much on par with those albums. I'm shocked by how much I've enjoyed it, I really am... Can't name a favorite song on the main album anymore, originally Arabesque and Trouble In Town were my favorites but there are just so many strong tracks... WOTW/POTP is the weakest of the bunch, but even then I love the rawness of it. Cry Cry Cry and BrokEN have grown on me a lot, When I Need A Friend is so ethereal and magical, Orphans is the best "catchy pop Coldplay" song since Viva la Vida, Eko and Old Friends rival Strawberry Swing when it comes to just how soothing they are, Daddy strikes an emotional chord every time... I just can't name a bad track or one that I find myself skipping often. The only track that hasn't stayed great in my opinion or grown on me is Flags. I really enjoyed it when it leaked from the Japanese version of the album, but honestly it has just started to seem bland... the message behind the song is great, the lyrics are great, but the melody just doesn't seem so strong. Oh well.
  3. This is so difficult... I'm gonna pick Glass of Water. It's an amazing song but Prospekt's March has a bit toward the end that's one of my favorite moments in any Coldplay song across the band's entire catalogue and that's what gives it the edge IMO: Now here I lie on my own in a separate sky Here I lie on my own in a separate sky I don't wanna die on my own here tonight But here I lie on my own in a separate sky
  4. One minute they arrive, next you know they're gone
  5. I think I'm one of only very few Americans in my age group who knows Damon Albarn as anybody besides the mind behind the music of Gorillaz and the voice of 2D. And that's all I knew him as until I discovered Blur a few years ago. The man is so underrated. There was a time when Damon's brand of Britpop was exploding (even here in the US) but he just doesn't get too much recognition anymore. I wish he would put out another solo album if Blur never end up reuniting again... I already know it wouldn't be as big as either his own work through Gorillaz or, say, Liam Gallagher's solo efforts, but it'd be nice. But maybe he just really likes the degree of anonymity that Gorillaz offers. At least tour here in North America or something, I think that'd be a treat.
  6. Black Glows vs A Trickle of Bodily Fluid to the Feet
  7. I think February 4th of 2020 is a little too soon. I guess it's possible, but it's on a Tuesday (most major album releases are on Fridays) and I seriously wonder if they'd have the time to finish a brand new album so soon after focusing on 17 songs (Everyday Life + Flags) for the past year unless they pulled a Kid A+Amnesiac and worked on two albums simultaneously. Even April 2nd seems unlikely because it's just so soon. I would think they'd like to spend a good portion of the year finishing the new record. And 2024 is just so far off... that is NOT "coming soon" :joy: If FFTF stands for "Fight For the Future," I think it's worth noting that there is an internet copyright, privacy, censorship, and net neutrality advocacy group by that name: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fight_for_the_Future I'm not sure what that means in terms of this supposed space theme, though. Maybe "Fit For the Future" is more likely to be the album title.
  8. :joy: :joy::joy: Hindiesque vs Spit Out By The Ocean
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