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  1. I wanted that Daft Punk collab to happen. I hoped that maybe Coldplay would actually consider it for LP9. If Coldplay were to do anything futuristic or space-age with the MOTS aesthetics, then Daft Punk would fit right in. But, alas... as of today, Daft Punk are no more. This probably doesn't mean anything. Maybe he's working on MOTS, though?
  2. Keeping my heeeeead dowwwwn
  3. I'm thinking The Race was absolutely considered for AHFOD as well. Look at that "kaleidoscope" lyric in what appears to be the chorus, as well as the stuff about "exploding colors." Oh, oh, oh This heart is a volcano Explodes in colors I won’t fall, I won’t fall below I want love, colors all explode Kaleidoscope (Of the night) Kaleidoscope (Of the night) Kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope You may be right about the bridge lyrics in The Race. They may also tie in with Adventure of a Lifetime. And ever since I first heard X Marks The Spot, I wondered if the "so I race for it"
  4. I can confirm this after finding some lyrics that read pretty similarly to what you heard. https://www.lyrics.com/sublyric/79761/Coldplay/The+Race In and out of time In and out of space Only you make my heart race Only your eyes Only a taste (Oh) I’ve been running out of time In another space Such a beautiful face And I’m seeing lights And I’m seeing shapes All over the place I really hope this song isn't dead. And I'm getting major "music of the spheres" vibes from the full lyrics after having read up on what cla
  5. I found my old thread from 2014 where I mentioned the mystery lyrics. Turns out, some of them are mirrored and the wonderful @Batman edited the image to reveal what they say. I would have done it, but I didn't know how at the time. 😛 "In all of time... in all space... another time... in another place" I think that's a beautiful lyric. Maybe it's from The Race.
  6. I just noticed something after searching for "music of the spheres" on Google. And look what's on the Ghost Stories cover art... Just a cool observation. 🤔
  7. Do you ever hear Coldplay in the most random of places? I was walking back to my car at Walmart the other night and somebody had Birds cranked up on their car stereo. I also tend to hear Coldplay whenever I see my dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning. It seems like every time I go there, either We Never Change or Viva la Vida is playing in the office. 😂
  8. They played a bunch of festivals from June to October of 2011 and Rock In Rio was the last one. It's safe to say that they won't be doing another big festival tour this year. Maybe something toward the end of the year (like Rock In Rio Brazil, which runs from late September to early October)? I for one am not confident that the state of the world will allow such crowds until the end of the year. 2022 will probably be a better year for touring. I wonder if Coldplay are in a similar situation to what the Foo Fighters dealt with as they were recording their new album Medicine At Midnight. T
  9. Well... neither does Mylo Xyloto but that did become a short instrumental. They could defy tradition and not have a song called Music of the Spheres, but it's quite unlikely. It's a new song. Starting at 2:45, Chris talks about it as if it's a separate song. Maybe, if they end up releasing this other UFO, this will be another case like Miracles and Miracles (Someone Special) where they slightly alter the title just so people don't get confused.
  10. I came across this old video and it's the only place outside of Chris's notes in the MX pop-up book and one of Chris's guitars from 2020 where Rescue St. is mentioned. Unless the band has had a change of heart, I think it's safe to say that the a cappella bit in Rescue St. is gone. 😂 I'm very intrigued about what it sounds like. They start talking about a cappella music at 1:43 and Chris mentions Rescue St. And now I see where people are getting the idea that Rescue St. could actually show up on MOTS. Why would one of Chris's guitars have been labeled "Rescue St." if he was
  11. And when Chris played UATW during his first Instagram Live stream last year... after mentioning that the song had been "finished"... he played a beautiful piano version much like the one above. Oddly enough, it didn't include the "silver bird" verse. A "silver bird" might refer to an airplane? Or even something like a UFO? A rocket ship? Definitely something silver and metallic that flies. Ahhh, you're thinking of this: http://www.coldplayzone.it/create-article/mylo-xyloto Anyways, I've just finished reading all the Mylo Xyloto comics and it's safe to say that there
  12. And maybe this is where the song Rescue St ties into everything else... it existed in 2010 or so and somebody caught a glimpse of the title last year, I think in that stripped-down Every Vote Counts live stream they did? Ahh, yes, I almost forgot about something. The Man Who Swears became Major Minus and apparently one of its working titles was Silencia. I can't find a good source for this so who knows if this is accurate, but Wikipedia does say that Silencia was recorded as early as 2008. So that would have been a very early post-Viva recording, and one that was originally conceived w
  13. There was a song called Space Symphony that existed around 2009 or so. If you know the lyrics to Moving to Mars, you'll know that the phrase "space symphony" appears in the lyrics, so I think it's safe to say that this is an early title of Moving to Mars. Another thing I'd like to add is that A L I E N S is a song about refugees... now, where did Coldplay get the name for Moving to Mars? And some of the lyrics if you're willing to think about their deeper meaning? A Mat Whitecross film about refugees. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moving_to_Mars_(film) My theory is that these two s
  14. Ooooh! Nice find! If they are working with Jacob Collier again, I could definitely see them doing something as nerdy as this 😂 If this is true, then I would think they'd be teasing something on social media by now, but... they're supposed to be "full of surprises" now according to Chris at the end of the Buenos Aires live album, so who knows?
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