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  1. Both of these posts have got me thinking. Perhaps the pandemic has put the band in a different state of mind compared to what they were working on before, so not only did they cancel the Global Citizen performance, but they also decided to revisit LP9 in light of the events of 2020. It reminds me of what U2 did with the Songs Of Experience album. It was due to be released in late 2016, but then the US election happened and Bono had a mysterious near-death experience. This caused the band to go back and rework the material. The album ended up being delayed until late 2017.
  2. Ghost Story vs Cemeteries of London
  3. Only reason I mentioned the iHeartRadio gig is because they've done it in consecutive years before. They played it in 2014 for Ghost Stories and they did it again in 2015 before AHFOD came out in order to debut their new colorful look. I do wonder how far ahead the 2020 set was planned, though. Was it indeed supposed to kick off the MOTS era or was it just Coldplay wanting to tie the fans over while they finish the album? Either theory seems plausible.
  4. I get the feeling the album release and promotion will be similar to that of AHFOD. Start teasing in September/October, do the usual iHeartRadio Festival set, drop a single, play an in-studio set for Radio 1 or Radio 2, release the album in early December, and start the world tour around April or May of 2022. Hopefully the pandemic situation will have improved to the point where Coldplay can safely perform in front of tens of thousands of people again.
  5. It has been a little while since I last peaked my head inside this little corner of the internet. I can't believe it has been 6 years since I first created this account and became the infamous double poster because the old forum software didn't like me and would regularly duplicate my posts. 😛 Wow... it has been over a year since Everyday Life came out. What a beautiful album. I think it was released at the best possible time--right before the world kind of fell into a state of disorder and turned "everyday life" upside down, with every aspect of life being affected... not to mention, a lot of injustice coming to light... indeed, you could say "the world turned upside down" this year. Everyday Life has helped me cope with it all, as have some older albums from various artists (for example, Radiohead's Hail To The Thief became a lot more meaningful to me). Indeed, music is always there for me when times get tough, whether on a national/global level or even just for me personally. Thank you to Coldplay for making this year a bit more bearable.
  6. Tender by Blur. I was going through some heartbreak when I listened to the 13 album for the first time and Tender was cathartic, to say the least. This song is near and dear to me.
  7. I now think it's quite ironic that they chose not to embark on the typical world tour for this era... it's likely that a lot of shows would have been canceled by now. So they may have dodged a bullet :confused:
  8. Over 2 months since I first listened to the album, and almost 3 months after Orphans + Arabesque dropped, here are my thoughts... Everyday Life is legendary by Coldplay standards. I don't think we'll ever get anything quite like it again, just like AROBTTH and X&Y, but I think it's very much on par with those albums. I'm shocked by how much I've enjoyed it, I really am... Can't name a favorite song on the main album anymore, originally Arabesque and Trouble In Town were my favorites but there are just so many strong tracks... WOTW/POTP is the weakest of the bunch, but even then I love the rawness of it. Cry Cry Cry and BrokEN have grown on me a lot, When I Need A Friend is so ethereal and magical, Orphans is the best "catchy pop Coldplay" song since Viva la Vida, Eko and Old Friends rival Strawberry Swing when it comes to just how soothing they are, Daddy strikes an emotional chord every time... I just can't name a bad track or one that I find myself skipping often. The only track that hasn't stayed great in my opinion or grown on me is Flags. I really enjoyed it when it leaked from the Japanese version of the album, but honestly it has just started to seem bland... the message behind the song is great, the lyrics are great, but the melody just doesn't seem so strong. Oh well.
  9. This is so difficult... I'm gonna pick Glass of Water. It's an amazing song but Prospekt's March has a bit toward the end that's one of my favorite moments in any Coldplay song across the band's entire catalogue and that's what gives it the edge IMO: Now here I lie on my own in a separate sky Here I lie on my own in a separate sky I don't wanna die on my own here tonight But here I lie on my own in a separate sky
  10. One minute they arrive, next you know they're gone
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