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  1. Kaotica is absolutely inspired by cyberpunk. It's a run-down dystopian world where scrap metal and garbage are all over the place, and there are few signs of life apart from Chris and the aliens who dance with him. It's like Earth in the movie Wall-E, which is filled with so much garbage and pollution that everybody flew off into space to get away from it.
  2. People have cited one of the Roadie 42 blog posts before, where he says that Chris asked him to "build a solar system" after everyone got back from the last leg of the Viva tour in Latin America. I wonder if that has to do with the solar system of 12 "spheres" that the album is based around, or if it has to do with the stage setup, a bit like what was used for the American Idol performance of Higher Power. http://timeline.coldplay.com/article/roadie-42-blog-118/ I wonder about this quote from another blog post in 2010. It might just be referring to the bizarre guitar tone that Jonny
  3. I was thinking about this a while back when Chris did that little live stream solo gig, I think it was something for Dell? And he had a MIDI controller on his instruments, which he jokingly called "Coldplay in a box." The one on his acoustic guitar definitely reminded me of the (much more advanced) Kaoss Pad that Matt Bellamy uses. And when that's combined with synth pedals, it really can let one musician make an extremely wide range of different sounds with a single instrument. It'd be so cool if Jonny were to use a guitar-synth device alongside what he already does. He could do some even mor
  4. I would think working with Stargate on AHFOD is what got them to indulge in the sounds of mainstream pop, not working with Max Martin several years later. If they really want to work with a successful pop producer, I wish Coldplay would work with Greg Kurstin instead... he may be known for his work with pop stars like Sia, but he did an incredible job on the last two Foo Fighters albums. And the Foo Fighters aren't mainstream pop. They're a popular alternative rock band and Kurstin helped them experiment, but he didn't turn them into something poppy at all.
  5. Perhaps this site would be called Starfishing instead 😂
  6. Ahhhh I forgot about that tidbit of information! How interesting... Angel Moon's voice could be one of the female Love Choir singers, since they are credited in Higher Power and you can clearly hear them. And, get this... in the music video, you first hear the female voices sing right around the moment the big Angel Moon hologram appears. I still can't help but think that something in this era is going to connect directly to MX. Maybe the planet Silencia is one of the 12 "Spheres." The MX comics do confirm that it's a planet of its own. I just don't know. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe
  7. It just so happens to be a Friday this year. And most albums are released on Fridays. 😮
  8. That makes sense. I see a lot of similarities with Star Wars, too, and I'm not just talking about resemblance between the "angel moon" sign and Ahsoka Tano. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones shows a part of the planet Coruscant that looks quite similar to the scenes inside the Kaotican city. Ironically, Noel's two most recent music videos tie into one another. The video for Flying On The Ground continues the story from the video for We're On Our Way Now. Something about the Higher Power video makes me think it's supposed to be part 1 of 3. But at the same time, if th
  9. There are 12 different "spheres," so I'm guessing each of them represents one song. Maybe there will be more than 12 tracks on the album if we count little instrumental bits such as the Music of the Spheres intro. This what I was thinking as soon as I first heard it in the Glastonbury live stream. It makes me wonder... will it also be used at the end of the album? Just like how O is sampled in Always In My Head and a snippet of The Escapist is the intro to Life In Technicolor. Ghost Stories and VLVODAAHF go full circle.
  10. That's definitely possible. There's nothing that suggests Dave Meyers wasn't asked to make a three part series of music videos for this new era of Coldplay's career 🤔 Maybe they'll tell a story that begins with Chris journeying into the Kaotican city. After all, lots of artists have released music videos that tie into one other. Interestingly enough, towards the end of the video you can see what looks like two other planets or moons overhead. Due to their size, they're probably moons of Kaotica. You might be onto something with the theory that they'll release a set of
  11. "A melodic orbit in three parts" I wonder what that could mean... perhaps the album is divided into three groups of three or four songs, each.
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