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  1. Hurts Like Heaven vs Violet Hill
  2. Well, this just changed. Now the ASFOS EP, which included the Ghost Stories bonus tracks, is on Spotify here in the US. Just added a couple days ago. Funny coincidence 😂 Ghost Story in particular is on par with Oldplay. No question. It's darker than most Oldplay, but the actual instrumentation doesn't sound too different from songs like GPASUYF and AROBTTH. All Your Friends sounds like a fusion between Viva and Ghost Stories, with war-themed lyrics, electronic beats from Will, a prominent yet somber bassline from Guy, ethereal guitars, and ambient sounds throughout. It's pretty good.
  3. I'm not sure if Proof is on Spotify anywhere in the world. Here in the US, they took it down a couple years ago. I don't think the Ghost Stories bonus tracks were ever available. But at least most of the B-sides and EP tracks are available. Even obscure ones like A Spell A Rebel Yell.
  4. This makes me think they're saving as much material as they can for MOTS Vol. 2, whether it's an album or an EP.
  5. Coloratura really does seem so grandiose that the band might shy away from playing it. It reminds me of Hypnotised, and they have only played Hypnotised once--a stripped down version with zero backing tracks. It reminds me of Moving to Mars and All I Can Think About Is You, which have been played only once. I hope we get to hear Coloratura live in all its glory, since they do make use of plenty of backing tracks in their live sets. But I don't know, something about it makes me doubt they'll ever play a full 10 minute live version.
  6. I'd love a deluxe edition like what they did with Ghost Stories. A lot of artists release deluxe editions with bonus tracks. But I doubt they'll do this since a MOTS Volume 2 is likely on the way at some point, whether it's another full album or an EP like Prospekt's March and Kaleidoscope.
  7. Jonny's guitar tone in Coloratura is just so gorgeous and it's even easier to tell with this isolated track. He may not be a technical virtuoso, but he's one of those guitarists like The Edge who is just so good at creating such a beautiful guitar tone. And it does wonders for Coldplay's sound.
  8. I'm fine either way as long as the bonus track is at least available to stream worldwide. I just hope they wouldn't wait until a year later to make it available outside of Japan, like they did with Flags.
  9. Do they ever get around to releasing Car Kids or The Race? 😛 Hmmm... I love MOTS. I always tend to love the little ambient interludes, intros, outros, etc on Coldplay albums. But Higher Power... ehh. It's not one of the better opening songs. But then again, it may grow on me. Coloratura is a gorgeous closer, though. Currently my favorite of the bunch. It's like Muse's Exogenesis Symphony at the end of the Resistance album, which is super long but also beautiful. Openers: Square One Politik Life In Technicolor Sunrise Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven
  10. It's interesting that Humankind and Human Heart are both on an album that's set in another solar system. Makes me think the whole album is meant to be an allegory for the diversity and beauty of our own planet. Sometimes people on our own planet feel so far away, as if they do not live in our world, yet we are still one. And, as the great astrophysicist and astronomer Carl Sagan suggested, we are one with the stars as well, because we are made from them.
  11. And the live version of In My Place. I think he got to sing Don't Panic too during the AHFOD tour. But it'd be so great for Will to sing on a studio track. I hoped he'd sing Champion of the World when the song title was first revealed.
  12. The more I listen to this song, the more I love it. I notice something new every time. Wow. Top 10 Coldplay song and I'm not ashamed to say it. Just like Arabesque.
  13. Well-said. I'd like to add that ALIENS has a refugee-centric narrative too. And the name for Moving to Mars came from a Mat Whitecross documentary about Burmese refugees. Anyways, I'm glad someone else got Muse vibes. It reminds me of the grandiosity of some of Matt Bellamy's piano playing, with lots of classical influences. As I listen to Coloratura more and more, I hear lots of similarities to United States of Eurasia, including its outro which comes from a classical piano piece by Chopin.
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