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Awards 2015 Categories, Ballot Template & Rules - Voting now closed


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Hello Coldplayers!


It's that time of the year again! Our annual feature is back - The Coldplaying Awards 2015 is finally here! Before we enter the new year of 2016, we are giving you a chance to vote one Coldplayer in each category as provided below:




Coldplay-related awards:


Mr Coldplaying 2015:

Mrs Coldplaying 2015:

Biggest Chris fan 2015:

Biggest Jonny Fan 2015:

Biggest Will fan 2015:

Biggest Guy fan 2015:

Biggest Phil fan 2015:

Biggest Coldplay fan 2015:

'Bakery' Award: Best Coldplay fan moment of 2015:

Best thread of 2015 - Coldplay section:


Ambassador awards:


Northern & Western Europe Ambassador 2015:

Eastern & Southern Europe Ambassador 2015:

Asian Ambassador 2015:

North American Ambassador 2015:

Mexican & Central American Ambassador 2015:

South American Ambassador 2015:

African Ambassador 2015:

Oceania Ambassador 2015:




Most interesting poster 2015:

Friendliest user 2015:

Funniest poster 2015:

Biggest spammer 2015:

Sexiest user 2015:

Biggest Coldplaying perv 2015:

Best thread of 2015 - General Discussion Area section:

Best newcomer to coldplaying.com 2015:

Best staff member 2015:

Most likely to scare Coldplay and Marc into an early retirement 2015:

Missing in action 2015:




Best signature 2015:

Best avatar 2015:


World Of Music/entertainment (*Coldplay excluded from this section):


Best album of 2015*:

Best song of 2015:*

Best artist/group 2015*:

Best artist/group newcomer 2015:

Best live act 2015*:

Best movie 2015*:


Voting Information:


1. The voting is open now and the deadline is on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 11.59pm GMT. Make sure you don't want to miss this out because who knows one of your favorite Coldplayers will get chosen!


2. To vote, copy and paste the official ballot above and enter your choices beside the listed categories. Please use usernames only. When you have finished, PM your ballot to the account Awards2015 (or reply directly to the PM that will be sent to your inbox).



1. Single round voting - one vote allowed in each category.


2. Only one ballot template may be submitted per person, and you cannot change your answers once submitted - so choose wisely!


3. You may leave categories blank if you do not wish to vote in them.


4. Ballots submitted after 22nd December will not count towards the voting.


5. You cannot vote for yourself or banned members in any of the categories.


6. Your cannot create new member accounts to rig voting numbers - we have ways of checking!


7. You can, however, 'lean on' your fellow Coldplayers to vote for you. Hence, rigorous campaigning in the Awards 2015 forum is strongly recommended!


8. Repeat, rigorous campaigning in the Awards 2015 forum is strongly recommended!


9. If you have any questions please post them in this thread. Please do not PM questions otherwise they may be overlooked.


10. All campaigning threads should be kept in the Awards 2015 sub-forum.


11. The Awards night will take place on Sunday 26th December at 8pm GMT (stick it in your diaries!)




General discussion: here


We will announce the winners after Christmas on December 26th, 2015. So vote away, Coldplayers! May the Coldplaying Karma be with you!


*Winners announcement time is subject to change!

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