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What is the deal with all the teasing we have for the set list?

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Okay so something that has been frustrating for me with Coldplay since the beginning of this tour is how much they teased us for the setlist ... First, they tease us with the app Hypnotised saying to use it when they will play it. So far, they haven't played it , and i will be mad if this is just for the US tour, Europeans should have it too ! Then , the brief resurrection of Violet Hill into the setlist, a fan favorite, which gave a longer first half of set on Stage A, and the rotation between Birds/God Put.. There is All I Can Think About Is You, they played it in Tokyo, why don't they keep playing it ? It's a good way to start the final bit of the show and good transition with Something Just Like This.

and now we got songs they play at soundcheck like Lovers In Japan (I always thought the transition between Birds and Lovers would be great) and how they keep playing/removing Princess Of China, and they seem to not care anymore about the Request ...


what is their deal ??

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I, for one, welcome this slight changes to the setlist. The MX Tour was pretty awesome but having the same setlist night after night made it kinda tiresome for the die hard fans.

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