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  1. Just read on Twitter that Chris will be performing Champion of the World
  2. Great news! Actually looking forward to this performance now! I really enjoyed Brittany's solo album.
  3. Think it will just be Everyday Life in a piano. A collab with Dua Lipa or Post Malone would be cool tho.
  4. Didn't know Debs was active on the forum still. I do remember her leaving at beginning of the MX Era because of the drama. People were outraged at the Rihanna colab news lol.
  5. I liked it but they looked kinda bored while performing it
  6. what a hidden gem! I'm pretty sure I've heard this version before...
  7. Yup. Even Roadie 42 wrote about the sound issues on his blog. Loved the stage design of the VLV Stadium Tour. Maybe one day it will leak?
  8. I'm back! (again). I had a dream about Coldplay two nights ago. It was quite livid. For some reason they were refusing to play all the hits and people were really mad lol. At last I got to "experience" Politik live in my dreams.
  9. Same. Don't feel like I'm doing well these days. It's kinda helping listening to Coldplay again tho. There's so some sort of familiarity related to their music that it feels somehow like a relief. I also dreamt of going to a Coldplay concert but for some reason it ended before I could get in the venue.
  10. Well, seems like there's lots of catching up that I have to do in this forum if I ever plan to be a kind of active member again. Glad I can always come here to find some good Oldplay content tho.
  11. Well im going to watch it all over again now. I love this band so much.
  12. holy shit Arabesque was fucking amazing. this band askjabkjdskjasdjas
  13. I know I'm late to the party but even if we get AHFOD part 2 next year, I'm extremely happy we got this album. I almost felt relief after the first full listen, because deep down we all knew the band was still there. This is probably going to be a really short era so I say we make the most it, I for one can't wait to hear all these new amazing songs played live.
  14. I'm speechless. What an amazing song!
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