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  1. Wait, so the leaked version is different from the one on Tik Tok? I havent' even heard the leak because reasons but from the comments seems like the song wouldn't be my cup of tea. Also, I think It's almost impossible for this single to flop because it has the BTS name attached to it.
  2. Little to not hype for this song for me. Haven't even felt like looking out for the leaked version. I do actually like some BTS songs so this one shouldn't be as bad as SJLT, right? right? 😩
  3. this is really really cool!
  4. Yup, pretty much this. It's a standard music industry practice and MOTS shouldn't be an exception.
  5. This is actually pretty cool. Agreee on the openers but on the closers I don't think the band can top ENL. Also UWTB deserves a little more love imo.
  6. What a journey this song is! Love all the little throwbacks to different eras, which makes it feel like a love letter to their whole carreer. Bar the stuff from Everyday Life, this might become my favorite Coldplay song since Moving to Mars.
  7. What do you guys think about Coloratura? Beats almost anything from AHFOD and Ghost Stories imo. I hope they play it entirely when they go on tour, even if we all know it's going to be full of backing tracks lol
  8. cool new song! and im 99% sure he's not lipsyncing Clocks on this one!
  9. This but Paradise and The Scientist instead of Orphans and Clocks
  10. Hate to be that guy but I think we might be getting Mylo Xylotwo as LP9. Nothing wrong with it tho. After GS and AHFOD I actually learned to appreciate much more MX. I't s a pretty good pop/rock record. I really really hope they keep Trouble in Town for the next tour. Sadly I don't think it mixes up very well with the feel good vibes the band usually wants for their stadium shows.
  11. I think a BTS track feat. Chris Martin would make more sense but, after SJLT, I have learned that Coldplay is not afraid at all to collaborate with any act that is "trendy".
  12. Yup. HLH, Charlie Brown, Major Minus are perfect examples of this. Oh well, the good thing is the song sounds even better live!
  13. All these reactions feel like a deja vu from 10 years ago when ETIAW was released. I don't really know what people expected from a Max Martin produced song other than a pop banger. I was pleasant surprised with how the song turned out tbh. As an Oldplayer, I have come to terms with the fact that, in my opinion, the band peaked sometime between the X&Y and VLV eras. Most of their recent output (bar Everyday Life as a whole) doesn't really appeal to my current musical taste anymore and that's fine.
  14. Apple's vocals have been credited in Higher Power so I'm sure Moses will make an appearance on at least one track on LP9.
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