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  1. am I the only one who isn't able to download Fix You from Apple Music yet ?
  2. lol I live in Bristol, and the almost half of the theater is booked already !!!
  3. that makes sense actually ! it's good to know , Hopefully the Miracles (Someone Special) performance from Milan will be on it too then ! Would also love to see a performance from the chicago show when it was raining so bad they had to stop the show and cut it short !
  4. freaking called it ! i knew they would release something like this ! BUT .... I thought the live concert would be at Stade de France, since Chris said so at the concert and we can clearly see live performances at the stade de france in the documentary trailer ? (you can clearly recognise the SDF rooftop during those images...
  5. there is a massive french band called Indochine. What they normally do when they release a live DVD, is one DVD where they show the entire concert , and another DVD with bonus features like a 40/50 minutes tour documentary . I really hope Coldplay will do something just like this for it. (sorry for the pun..)
  6. hang on does this mean it will be like a Supersonic style doc and not a full concert film with a bonus documentary ? if so i would be disappointed ....
  7. I believe we are going to have - AHFOD live album - live film - documentary "supersonic" style that would explain why it is taking so long
  8. For me it would be AFHOD Yellow Teardrop Scientist God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Paradise Magic Everglow Clocks Charlie Brown HFTW Fix You Viva AOAL Us Against The World Sky Full of Stars Up and Up
  9. I am kinda sad , I was hoping for the whole movie to be from the first Paris show haha... oh well, let's hope it will be like live 2012 ... My theory is , they are going to show the majority from Paris. We have a 22 song set . My best guess would be a good bunch from it will it from Paris I know they filmed Up and Up and Charlie Brown from the first night and Everglow from the second Paris show, It has been confirmed Viva and Life Is Beautiful was recorded in Sao Paulo tonight, and a few others from a America , and Milan ?
  10. Here is mine ; A Head Full Of Dreams Paradise Ink Glass Of Water Birds Lovers In Japan The Scientist Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall --- B Stage---- Always In My Head Magic Miracles (Someone Special) Poppyfields 'Til Kingdom Come ---A Stage---- Politik Clocks Violet Hill Charlie Brown Speed Of Sound Hymn For The Weekend Fix You Army Of One Everglow Viva La Vida Adventure Of A Lifetime ----C Stage---- Strawberry Swing ALIENS Yellow (piano version) Hypnotised ----A Stage--- All I Can Think About You Something Just Like This A Sky Full Of Stars Up and Up
  11. i know they did. i am just wondering why they haven't officially announced it yet ?
  12. no but seriously, we are a month away from the release of the live DVD/CD and we had no official announcement yet... so far we always had a pre release announcement a month or two before the official release so i am a bit worried...
  13. the live film has been officially been recorded in Paris. I was at the first Stade de France and the fact that we were given two xylobands instead of one gave me the hint , and Chris said during Charlie Brown that they chose tonight to record their live concert. so my best guess is that we are going to have the full concert from Paris (they probably recorded Everglow the second night as Chris messed up during the first night) and then we are going to have something similar as Live 2014 for the live album like one song from a different city. Since it is schedule for November same as the last sh
  14. Okay so something that has been frustrating for me with Coldplay since the beginning of this tour is how much they teased us for the setlist ... First, they tease us with the app Hypnotised saying to use it when they will play it. So far, they haven't played it , and i will be mad if this is just for the US tour, Europeans should have it too ! Then , the brief resurrection of Violet Hill into the setlist, a fan favorite, which gave a longer first half of set on Stage A, and the rotation between Birds/God Put.. There is All I Can Think About Is You, they played it in Tokyo, why don't they keep
  15. yes I have done that, but once again i dont think it is to scale with the "real"view haha so i am still quite worried...
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