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To Constantly Go Against the Grain: A Conversation


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-Have you ever had one of those deep conversations and felt like, wow? I thought this one I wrote based on a conversation I had will tickle your brains. This is how it should have gone- Enjoy.


Him: You know the bible say's that the T.V is the beast. I mean, what do you know that leads millions of people into thinking one thought and can be seen worldwide?

Her: Well a t.v is something even the people of the biblical times could describe with no problem. A square box with images and lights in it. Simple and layman.

Him: So what do you suppose the image of the beast is?

Her: Well, what image is depicted on statues, pictures, painting, jewelry, tattoo's, clothing, haircuts, and church's and people are indeed worshiping?

Him: NO..... I do not think so. The bible is definitely referring to television.

Her: What is so hard to believe about that.... I mean, it is an image that you will find all over the world and does not depict the image given in the bible. No?

Him: Well you know they say it is about the reference not the image.

Her: Okay, so if I reference an apple shall I describe an orange?

Him: I don't suppose you would.

Her: Why would one do so?

Him: Well maybe because the orange looks more appealing?

Her: But there are many other fruit that are even more appealing than an orange...

Him: Ah I see.

Her: So now put it into context.

Him: If you want to convince the world that an apple is an orange, put a picture of an orange in the place of every image of an apple. Though books in all of it's version will depict the apple as red and green, people will always identify it with orange. Then when you are ready to give them an apple, hand them an orange and they will celebrate and parade in the streets yelling, "See here! See the apple of my eye!"

Her: And this is why it was forbidden. You see but many are blind and will never comprehend, thus they eat the fruit and worship at its vines as if it is the image of Christ, but in every image there is the apple of it's eye and that apple an orange in disguise.


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