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Comon guys (and girls) help me out


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ok i absolutely LOVE coldplay' date=' but in a way thats my problem, i cant find any other music to compete no matter how hard i try, im afraid that i will get tired of them (wich i think is impossible). so im looking for another band to listen to with the same kind of thoughfull and heartfelt music so i can switch around my cd player. so help me out will ya!?!?!? what bands do you feel play the similar music that touches your heart the way CP does? as always thanks in advance.[/quote']


My first on-topic post in this thread... :P


I recommend you Turin Brakes. Talented guys, great and touching music, soft and relax. :D

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Guest LiquidSky

hmmm Luis Miguel.......hmmm sorry, denisse...I don't like his songs.... :/ neither does my mom! :lol: :lol: :lol: She likes Juan Gabriel instead..........

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