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Lockdown obsession: where does the tuning for 'Til Kingdom Come originally come from??

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It's funny what lockdown does to your brain. I've gone down a total obsessive rabbit hole about these two songs. I really love these two but want to understand more about their genesis. Til Kingdom Come is tuned to C, with CACGBc; while NMFWTTG is tuned the same, except for the 1st string; D#ACGBc. They're both then played with really simple chord shapes.

I'm desperate to know. Where did they get these tunings? They don't show up on any other song I'm aware of but they sound incredible. I'd love to explore other songs in these tunings by other artists. Or did they make them up? Chris seems like he's not that into tuning?

On Spotify there's a playlist that claims that Til Kingdom Come is based on an amazing piece of minimalist piano by William Duckworth called The Time Curve Preludes Book1, XII. I have no idea where the Spotify playlist complier got that idea but they are sure as hell similar. (Doubt if that's a problem as the duckworth is no doubt out of copyright). But I love that the song might be based on this wonderful piece. Does anyone know of any interviews by Chris et al that explain all this?

Very grateful for any thoughts!

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