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THE MORNING- an upcoming short film project

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Hello, fellow Coldplay fans. I have not been here for a long time to make any sort of announcement like this, but I have something I want to share with you all. Just before you ask- no this is NOT Coldplay related- but it’s very much in the interest of you all, and something I’m sure the guys in the band themselves would very much like the idea of- bringing people together.

I am currently in the process of working on my first ever short film, titled ‘The Morning’. So far, I have shot 50% of it with two friends and I’m currently editing what I have filmed together. It was written by me, and I am also starring in it. There is still more footage we have yet to shoot- and very soon we will arrange this- but at the moment I am gathering together something that is a large part of the film- voice clips. Yes, you heard me right- voice clips.

These voice clips are coming from various people around both the social sphere and of whom I know in real life. In the film, my character hears various voices while he is walking around in a place that appears to be normal at first but soon turns into something quite the opposite. These voices are a seminal piece of what throws my character off into a psychological frenzy. While the story of this film is dark and unsettling, the idea behind it is not. Not only is this a passion project for myself, but it is also a collaborative project- ideal given the circumstances at the moment- in bringing people together from all around.

I’d love for as many people as possible on Coldplaying to be apart of this. The way in which that is possible is as follows...

Send a voice clip of yourself to my email ([email protected]) whispering the phrase ‘come closer’.

After I have received all the clips from everyone I’ve asked, I’m gonna layer them on top of each other to create something ultimately horrifying- but truly beautiful.

I can’t wait to put this out into the world. 

Jack x

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