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Coldplay - The Singles 7" Vinyl Box Set

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2 hours ago, aboxofdreams said:


First post on here, I just wanted an opinion on this item:

Coldplay - The Singles 7" Vinyl Box Set

I cant find any others anyway but does anybody know the original country release and if it was an official Coldplay release via Website or in physical shops?


Hi, experienced collector here. Please don't buy that, it's vastly overpriced!!

You can frequently see some in very good state on ebay UK or ebay.com shipping internationally for like 80-100 USD plus shipping. This set here is not even sealed...and the Orphans and Midnight vinyls are also just worth a couple of dollars each, lol.

Also please don't confuse the single releases such as Clocks 7" or others with those in this box set. They are not the same! The songs are the same, but they are different releases and have different item numbers etc.

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5 hours ago, aboxofdreams said:

Thank you! Ill keep an eye on it to see if it drops in price as im based in the UK and the shipping is quite hefty! 

Looks like a nice set, so thank you for confirming for me!

Oh if you're in the UK you can get a good deal if you wait a little! I see this box set on ebay.co.uk going for good prices all the time!

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