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The Wedding Album (Edits of existing songs)


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Recently I've been extremely interested in the wedding album and everything that spawned from it, there's just so much history behind it and large chunks of it can be heard on Mylo and EL. So I decided that I should try to recreate it using as many resources as I could to see what reasonably could have been on the album, and I think this might be as close as were going to get if some big leak doesn't happen. I hope you enjoy this mediocre attempt at bringing this lost album back to life!

A recreation of what I think the wedding album could have been using Mylo and EL era tracks. All tracks have been edited in someway and are all songs that I think reasonably could have been on the wedding album.


1. Wedding Bells (Used the apple and south bank show audio)

2. Church (Slight edit)

3. Famous Old Painters (With transitions)

4. Wilderness/UFO (Slight edit. Titled Wilderness because that's what I believe it was called before being reworked for Mylo)

5. Don Quixote/Spanish Rain (Slight edits)

6. Arabesque (Cleaned up the beginning demo audio and mostly used the BBC Radio 1 audio)

7. Bani Adam (Used instrumental where the beginning of wedding bells can be heard, GOD = LOVE)

8. Love In A Lethal Dose (Toned the bass down until about the 2:00 mark)

9. Old Friends (Slight edits)

10. Us Against the World (Made vocals louder and clearer along with other slight edits)

11. Charlie Brown (Used the every vote counts audio)

12. Èkó (Slight edits, little secret track at the end, deserter)

13. Christmas Lights (Mostly unchanged)

Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/4/folders/1Qe170jcXrO_irpgiXoEwMZJ-A481CrJATheWeddingAlbum.thumb.png.cf4fd1e2340a864de13f6ccf962842e3.png

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Hi! I share your interest for the wedding album!

It would be nice to know from the band what was their supposed tracklist; I suspect there may have been other songs which are still unknown to the fans... the narration behind this album is fascinating, even though it has never been released in its final form (I read somewhere about the fact that after the Viva era there was a change in the style of the website, pointing to the wedding album).

Thank you for sharing your tracklist. I love the Every vote counts version of Charlie Brown, it would fit well for the purpose.Β 

Why do you think Ufo was called Wilderness? I'm sorry if it's a silly question, but I can't get the connectionπŸ™ˆ

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