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Arenas with good sound quality?


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Hey, Coldplay friends,

I recently jumped on the fans' train myself by attending the Wembley concert on 16.8.2022 in the UK. Being a musician myself, I expected to really get that full specter of sound frequencies that go through you, you know, the feeling you can't get in your living room even with the best sound system, but unfortunately, the sound I heard coming from the speakers was pretty low quality. After a week I'm still kinda melancholic about that and thus I started searching for hints about concert places with good acoustics and clear sound. I really need to hear my fellow Coldplay musicians again, this time in full sound quality.

Let me also tell you that I first went to Expo-Dubai in February 2022 but I didn't get tickets to enter Al Wasl Plaza so I had to listen outside - lol. Even there (outside) the sound was better than Wembley's. I heard people confirming that the acoustics inside Al Wasl Plaza is outstanding, but I can't confirm that since I haven't been inside the tent myself.

Now, ask you to please share your experience regarding sound quality and acoustics from places around the world. Where should we go?

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We have a fantastic venue here in Perth, Western Australia called RAC Arena.  The sound quality and acoustics in there are spot on.  

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