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I started recording bass covers last week! After many years of hesitating!


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Hi all, long time! Last week I was trying a used bass, made a video for it and decided to upload it to YouTube as I'm playing with the thought of making more covers for YouTube.
I liked it so much that it made me remember of these plans! One week later I've already recorded 10 videos including Strawberry Swing, Trouble, Rainy Day, Clocks, Warning Sign and more.

Below you'll find my newest upload, Warning Sign, I hope you'll all like it!
My plans are to make transcriptions and tabs as accurate as possible, I often actually research Guy's playing in specific songs and will do this for all of my transcriptions.
My videos are all played by memory and habit of playing these(older) songs for 10+ years, they will be completely re-transcribed (is that even a word? :classic_huh:).

I created for all of the videos bass-less versions by removing the bass using AI, some songs it didn't work as intended and needed some more detailed editing, I'm thinking about making these versions available.

Enjoy, and all feedback is welcome!


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