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As like thousands of others I'm desperate to obtain tickets for this concert.

 How the heck do you secure tickets? I've registered for pre sales etc but I get the feeling it will be a war!! and unless you have super fast internet one may miss out 😞

Any tips


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I failed miserably... first day I had 77000 people in front of me in the queue with no chance. Second day 60000 in front.

If anyone happens to have 4 x GA standing for perth optus stadium nov 18/19 show, I will buy via ticketmaster/tixel.


Thankyou 🙂

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I feel alot of genuine fans have missed out on securing tickets to the two Perth gigs.  Eight of my friends and I all tried for tickets and none of us could get any!   Many of us did not receive the email on Sunday after registering explaining further details on how to secure tickets.  On the day, there was ‘the waiting room’ on Ticketmasters website, which wasn’t advertised.  This opened before the sale of tickets online at 1000.  If people joined the waiting room before the sale time, at 1000 they were then randomly placed in a virtual queue, so meaning it didn’t matter if you first joined the waiting room you were guaranteed first in line, it was a random lottery on where you were placed in the queue!  Not a first come, first serve basis as was advertised.  If you clicked on the website link at sale time of 1000 you were placed at the back of the virtual queue!  It was false and misleading advertising!  

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The advertised first-come, first-served basis for a sale at 1000 was misleading. People in the waiting room before 1000 were randomly placed in a virtual queue, and clicking at 1000 put users at the back, contrary to the promotion also check latest lottery results on Numerodehoy.

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