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just a thought


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I've been thinking about those passport checks between countries a lot because of terrorism and because of my trip to England and back.


Did you ever notice that they never check the toilet on a bus? I mean either they want all the passengers to come outside and show their passport or they enter the bus and check them there quickly. But they never open the toilet to see if there are any bombs or illegal immigrants. People could smuggle God knows what.


Of course, you'd think the other passengers would inform them if they knew someone were hiding on the toilet. But what if the bus driver told them the toilet is broken and so cannot be used? Noone would look. And if I were an illegal immigrant and I wanted to live in a country really bad, I'd definitely be able to bear being locked in a bus toilet for 20 hours, trust me.


Anyway.. just a thought. :P

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i think it is the drivers responsibility to check the toilet, the cargo hold etc. so it's up to them... some places check spot check them tho, it just depends if your lucky enough i guess!


i think a simple "come in illegally and we will shoot you" type message would cut down those trying to get in :stunned:

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The driver will be liable as they are the ones providing passage, in a similar way as HGV drivers are responsible for their "cargo" across the channel, regardless of whether they are aware of what they are carrying. The onus is on them to check, because if they are found to be carrying illegal goods/people, they will be prosecuted

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Toilets and things do get checked, before the bus gets boarded and such...


i'm sure there are procedures for this kind of stuff.



even so, you're correct. it's extremely hard to stop immigration. Desperate people will do anything to get to where they want to go.


Demographics change is something I've been reading about for a while now...and yeah, it's like a whole revolution that's slowly changing the way life is now...

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hahahah :P


noooo that's not it. i'm just taking a look at the 'big picture' of it all. I mean, how are you going to stop all the eastern europeans or Turks or Russians from coming into Germany? it's not possible.


U.S. spends so many billions trying to stop illigal immigrants from Mexico, all to no avail....i mean, still almost a million must perhaps come in each year...


poverty/desperation can lead people to cross almost any barrier you erect...that's the nature of it...however cold/unfortunate it may sound :/ :(

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