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Andy Bell


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Imo, this man is one of the best bassists ever.

Oasis' bass lines used to be so boring, but then he joined the band in 1999, and they released standing on the shoulders of giants in 2000, and when you listen to this album you can notice how his bass lines are way cooler than Guigsy's boring lines. (just listen to go let it out or who feels love and you'll see what i'm talking about)

Also, I was really surprised when i listened to familiar to millions (the live album) for the first time, cos he modified some old oasis bass lines and they were sounding way cooler.



And oh, where's the good old oasis thread? And dania? i miss her, she used to post there a lot.

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Agreed. While I wouldn't consider him one of the best bassists ever, when he joined Oasis he helped to completely revamp their sound.


Guigsy was just a boring bassist who played the root notes of the chords and nothing else. Andy plays wonderful Paul McCartney-esque grooves.


And it's not just Andy - Gem has helped just as much as him. Noel has always said how he's more of a rhythm guitarist than a lead guitarist, and when Gem came along, it let him concentrate more on rhythm and singing, which in turn improved the sound of the band.


All in all, Gem and Andy deserve to be in Oasis more than Bonehead and Guigsy ever did.

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I totally agree.

Oasis really improved as a band when gem and andy replaced bonehead and guigsy. And you know what's weird? Even though oasis is a better band now, they arent as popular as they were 4 or 5 years ago. which is odd, since their new songs are just as good as their old songs. (In fact, nowadays i listen to heathen chemistry more often that i listen to be here now, my fav oasis album.)

I wonder how their new album will sound. If its going to be upbeat/catchy like be here now/what's the story morning glory or more.. uh.. experimental like s.o.t.s.o.g./heathen chemistry.

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