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drum solo at end of led zeppelin's live 'dazed & confuse

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You should hear one of Carter beauford's (DMB) drum solos. I heard this on recording when he was just messing around at a concert before a song, he can go so fast on the toms that it literally sounds like a motorcycle revving. It was sweet though cuz then he slows it down into an awesome beat and then the song starts. Plus, it was just a jam song so you can't get it on a CD. :angry: Also, if you get a chance (and if you have a file sharing prog.) download one of Carter Beauford's "studio lessons", there are at least four, but my favorite is #41

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I've actually seen a couple of his "lessons" from a friend of mine who's a dedicated drummer (I'm a drummer, guitarist, bassist, saxophone player, etc., but a pianist at heart), and he went off a couple times when I saw DMB live, but to be honest, fast playing by itself just doesn't really impress me all that much.

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