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  • stephen

    Coldplay Announce Hollywood Palladium Show In Support Of Reform La Jails



    To celebrate the release of their acclaimed new album, Everyday Life, Coldplay have announced a special, intimate show at the Hollywood Palladium on Monday, January 20.


    The MLK Day concert will support Reform LA Jails, which campaigns for prison reform and advocates alternatives to incarceration.


    The event will also feature performances by Compton hip hop artist Boogie and upcoming rapper Bobby Gonz. The guest speakers will be Patrisse Cullors, founder of Reform LA Jails and co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Network, and actress America Ferrera, co-founder of Harness, which activates artists and activists to advance social justice. 


    To ensure tickets get into the hands of fans, not scalpers or bots, the band have partnered with Ticketmaster’s Verified Fan® platform. Fans can register for the onsale now through Wednesday, January 15 at 10pm PT by signing up HERE. Registered fans who receive an invitation code will have access to purchase tickets on Friday, January 17 at 10am PT.


    The show is in addition to the previously-announced, sold out #CitiSoundVault show at The Hollywood Palladium on January 21, in support of A New Way of Life, which provides housing and support to women rebuilding their lives after prison. The guest speakers that night will be A New Way Of Life founder Susan Burton, and the actress and activist Natalie Portman. 


    On Wednesday (Jan 15), Coldplay will give an exclusive acoustic performance for SiriusXM & Pandora at SiriusXM Hollywood. That afternoon, the band will also be guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 


    Then, on Friday (Jan 17), KROQ will host the band for an intimate show to celebrate the grand reopening of their HD Radio Soundspace. The following day (Jan 18), Coldplay will perform at iHeartRadio’s ALTer EGO at the LA Forum. 


    Everyday Life is Coldplay’s eighth studio album, described by Rolling Stone as “Coldplay’s rangiest and deepest release by orders of magnitude, maybe even their best,” with Stereogum calling it “a truly great album”.


    The album’s lead single, Orphans, topped both Billboard’s Rock Airplay and Adult Alternative Songs charts, equalling the record for most Number Ones on the latter chart (with 13 across the band’s career).

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    • Hmmmm I'm not sure what to think about all of this. Mylo Xyloto seemed like their best shot at doing a music film, but I don't see them revisiting that era in any meaningful way. Though, we were promised UATW Silver Bird...  I'm just wondering what the musical film would include? Would it be like Beyonce's Lemonade where it's one long music video that's mostly just visual vignettes? Maybe a song/story per planet situation? Or is Chris talking about a literal musical that's a performance that tells a story? Is it live-action? Animated? Is it in the MOTS era or a new era? I have to give them credit I really have no idea what to expect.  I'm overall very open to this, but agree that it could go terribly wrong. Coldplay already attracts criticism and Chris can occasionally be brilliant but he can also be corny. The music needs to be good first and foremost. You can look at many plays that have jsut mediocre stories, but great music saves the day (cough* Hamilton *cough)
    • That occurred to me too but they probably won't do a major tour again until 2025/2026 after this one, which will no doubt go on right into 2023 with multiple legs. I'm more concerned about the tight turnaround for three albums in three years and how rushed that feels but I shall remain faithful in their grand plan.  p.s., it's absolutely crazy we're thinking about dates like 2025/2026 because it feels like Ghost Stories only came out yesterday 
    • I think they will tour for MOTS project also in 2023, if they can and then the next big tour will probably start in 2026, after the release of album Coldplay. So this leaves 2024-2025 to finish and release the rest of the "things". I don't see them having tours for whatever they release during between MOTS and Coldplay. We're not even actually sure how much they will release, at least I'm confused. I'm still thinking that MOTS will have at least one continuation EP, but then they will release three more albums. Just quoting, what Chris said in December to Jo Whiley "we are working on this album Music of the Spheres and THEN we have three more things after that." So in addition to "musical" and "Coldplay" there might be one more album, which I think might be a collection of unfinished/unreleased and reworked songs, which they have collected over the years. These are just my guesses, based on the information I have read or heard. I wrote about it in here also:   https://coldplaying.com/forums/topic/82093-three-more-coldplay-albums-to-come-last-one-in-2025/page/2/#comment-5764096  
    • Maybe they won't tour in between, especially they won't tour with the musical because it is the film. So, that leaves only one album to tour, as for the last one they will tour cause it is the last album after which they will only tour as Chris has said. 
    • I'm just confused on how they're gonna release three whole studio albums with respective tours in the span of under four years?
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