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    Today, 26 August, marks exactly twenty years since Coldplay released their second album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. The multi Grammy-winning number one album has since sold over 17 million copies worldwide.

    To mark the anniversary, the band have released an upgraded 4K version of the iconic Jamie Thraves-directed video for The Scientist, which has been restored and re-graded from the original 35mm film rushes.

    The 4K version is available to watch now on The Scientist’s original YouTube link - where the video has already accumulated more than 1 billion views - at youtu.be/RB-RcX5DS5A.

    The entire album - which featured the singles In My Place, The Scientist, Clocks and God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - has also been newly mixed for Dolby Atmos. The Dolby Atmos version is available to listen now on Apple Music, Amazon and TIDAL.

    Coldplay have also contributed memories about the album and its recording to Spotify, which can be viewed over on the band’s This Is Coldplay playlist.

    On its release, A Rush Of Blood To The Head was described by NME as “an album of outstanding natural beauty”, with Rolling Stone calling it “first rate” and Q presciently hailing it as “a collection of vastly moving songs that will render stadiums as intimate as bedrooms” (as has proven to the the case when the band play songs from the album on their current Music Of The Spheres World Tour).

    A Rush Of Blood To The Head can be streamed / downloaded here. Its tracklisting is as follows:

    In My Place
    God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
    The Scientist
    Green Eyes
    Warning Sign
    A Whisper
    A Rush of Blood To The Head


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    • I haven't listened to it yet but its performance brings up the number of possible MOTS2 songs to at least three. One World A Wave Aeterna The Astronaut (maybe?) Also keeping hopes up for The Race but I know it's a pipe dream... Either way, these four songs seem to have had a very positive reception individually, but whether they work as an album is up for debate. A Wave is produced in a similar way to Aeterna but could only work if they were far apart. Aeterna directly into A Wave would be horrible. If The Astronaut is included (I know it's debatable but my previous comments about the timing of its performance still stand; it may be more than a coincidence), it could be a good song to come right before the end. Therefore, here is my predicted track list based on the four possible songs now: One World Aeterna The Astronaut A Wave The Race (hidden track) The Race (Ghost Stories Version) (hidden track) A Ghost (hidden track) My though process behind One World's placement is under the assumption it's a bit like Human Heart. Again, I haven't heard it yet so I can't make a final judgement. Aeterna would be the introduction to the second half in my mind. And yes, the hidden tracks are a joke... Even if I wish it came true... PS: I went to edit the name of a previous MOTS2 thread I'd made but apparently I made this thread. Did admins change the name?
    • Perhaps A Wave would be a hidden track? O was used as the end song for Ghost Stories concerts and was a hidden track on the album, it could be the same here. (That's assuming A Wave is still the ending song for MOTS concerts)
    • I'm personally enthralled with One World so far, espescially when compared to the MOTS era so far. The intro is really nice and I know some folks are ho hum about the first minute but I feel like its soft, intimate and meditative -- the piano and guitar licks sound great and feel inspired by "What A Beautiful World." I don't know why but it gives me Oldplay vibes. The "oneee" idea of a million people from around the world is awesome & feels inspired by Jacob Collier's Moon River https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPLCk-FTVvw. But what I love the most is the strings. They're incredible bittersweet in the same way Sunrise is but I think feel much more massive and cinematic, which is fitting for a space album whereas everyday life was more small-scale. I just think the way the track progresses with the omms from the band into that huge swell is one of the most beautiful things they've ever done. It hit me emotionally the same way my first listen to Coloratura and Sunrise did.  In sum I'm feeling even more optimistic for Moon Music now. This is the kind of stuff I was hoping for when we were doing Volume I speculation. If this is the closer with strings, then hopefully there'll be strings throughout the album. If you're making a space-themed album go big right? I felt so many songs on MOTS Volume I felt ironically small because the production was dumbed down. Hopefully they correct that.  
    • The 'stories' are on Spotify mobile, the credits can be found anywhere, including the manual of the album.
    • One World is very pretty indeed, in my opinion it mixes something from When I need a Friend and Sunrise + some mantra style stuff from Chinese Sleep Chant. Potentially one of the most ethereal things Coldplay has done. Difficult to say what will be the actual structure of the song, the aim of playing it seemed to be just to get the recording of the audience, so I would avoid judging it for now. Final product might be something different, considering they can still work on things for at least a few months until they reach recording 1 million people. It might be they played it pretty much like it will be, but it might not. Could be just the ending of a long song - really hoping for it to be some epic beautiful track. Mainly I hope we are not wrong assuming that it will be on Moon Music, in speech Chris never said on which album it will be. 😄 
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